Recession, What Recession?

There’s no recession, or so says the Treasury Department.  Old Washington still using old ways to measure things. I am not saying the GDP doesn’t matter, but when people have to leave their jobs due to high gas prices or move closer to work, why not measure that impact?  And the impact on the common items we have to buy (like breakfast cereal and bread) whose prices have been driven up by high fuel costs.  Oh and I won’t mention the housing problem.  Poor Ed McMahon.

Treasury Department official says the US is not in a recession

Hear See Speak


McClellan Writes Tell-all of things we Already Knew

There’s nothing worse than a lying snitch. But lying snitches sell books! An unfortunately a lot of people will by Scott McClellan’s book and feed his bank account. The book essentially says what has been obvious all along to anyone with any critical thinking skills. So he lied to American people while he was press secretary and now wants to come clean? I for one am not buying the “we were misled” excuse from him any more than I buy it from Hillary Clinton or any other senator who authorized that war. As for the book, well… I will wait the year or so until this book shows up the public library system – then maybe I’ll read it.

McClellan whacks Bush, White House

Scott McClellan

Barack Obama Thinks there are 57 States

And you want this man for president? He says they’ve campaigned in 57 states. Now it’s possible that he meant some of the states were visited twice, but he said what he said. Do we want a president who doesn’t know how many states there are? 57 states. Maybe he’s thinking about Kerry Heinz 57?

Funny how the press doesn’t pick up on that. But they sure pick up on Hillary’s RFK remark. Once again we see proof of the free ride that Barack Obama is getting from the media. If you Google “Obama 57 states” in the Google news, you see mostly foreign coverage of that blooper.

Even Obama later dismissed Hillary’s RFK remark as a tired mistake: “you get careless in terms of the statements that you make” says he. Could he have been covering his own mistakes like this one? A tired mistake to think there are 57 states.

What’s Missing from Election 2008 – Executive Branch Experience!

If it seems like election 2008 is offering a poor set of choices, there’s a reason for that. It is! We have 3 senators and one House Rep (Yeah Ron Paul is still hanging around) – all NON executive branch positions. That means (unless someone kicks between now and November) there will be two executive branch candidates facing each other.

What is executive branch experience? Governor of a state, Vice President, various Presidential appointments (such as Secretary of State) are examples of executive branch positions. Senator and House Rep are not.

I wanted to go back and find the last time a presidential election was held that featured two non executive branch candidates. I had to go all the way back to 1852 (Franklin Pierce Def. Winfield Scott). Now that’s going back a ways! It’s probably not even relevant; the Whigs were still a party! So if you think 2008 offers us lousy choices, yer right! And this may be the reason.

Associated Press – Lies of Omission

How many times have you read something in the common news media (most notably the ‘news briefs’ or summaries) where you just know there is more to the story than is being told?  In fact, you are left with the feeling that the story is only half told and there are details so conspicuously missing that the press may as well have not reported it all. 

Such is the case with story #1 below.  It’s an Associated Press short (delivered via ABC News) which reports little beyond its actual title.  It reports the incident standalone, as though this man were sentenced to 35 years for some sort of isolated incident.  If you just read that alone, you tend to go: whoa — wait a minute, that’s a pretty harsh sentence for spitting. Especially since (in general) HIV is not known to be transmitted via saliva.

However, if you read the local news sources (see #2), the title is nearly identical, but it tells a much different story. The man in question has a history of spitting at cops and also a prison record where he has a history of biting other inmates.  It also points out that the man used his HIV as an weapon by verbally announcing he had AIDS before he spit on the officer.  That’s intent and that’s a different story completely. Perhaps not a bad sentence after all!  Although there might an argument in favor of placing this person in an institution for the criminally insane for 35 years rather than regular prison.  But the point is: The mainstream media lies with lies of omission and this is a classic example.

1) HIV-Positive Man Sentenced 35 Years for Spitting at Officer

2) HIV-positive man gets 35 years for spitting on Dallas police officer

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DC Madam Hated Prison

The (in)famous DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey who was to sentenced in June, hanged herself. She apparently did this to avoid going back to prison.  A writer by the name of Dan Moldea who had interviewed the madam for a possible book deal, said that she told him she was going to do that.

Moldea said that, in three interviews last spring and summer, after she was indicted, Palfrey told him: “I’m not going back to jail. I’ll kill myself first. I’ll commit suicide before I go back to jail.”

She would have been facing a probable federal prison term of at least 4 years due to sentencing guidlines.  It’s sad when someone has to make that choice between life and prison.  It is after all, the worlds oldest profession and it shows no sign of going away.

The Scandal Story With a Most Unhappy Ending

eborah Jeane Palfrey


Barack Obama Backpedals on Wright

Oh this is getting fun.   Let’s recap: First Barack Obama attends a hate church (aka Black Power church) that teaches hatred for whites and hatred for America. He does this for 20 some odd years with Jeremiah Wright at the pulpit.  Then the media digs that story out.  America points a middle finger at Brackie. Barack Obama gives speech on race where he says he doesn’t always agree with Wright in a lame attempt to soften the impact.  Then Wright appears on various media outlets spouting more hatred and again tries to add the hate under the “Black Church” cover.  Now Brackie tries to dump him completely.

Sorry Barack Obama.  No go.  One cannot reconcile the timing of this with respect to the 20 years you spent in his congregation and the ‘landmark’ speech you gave on race where you showed acceptance to him.  This is exactly the type of flip flopping you see with any old politician.  Maybe he should have just left well enough alone and ignored the media blitz by Wright and his hateful cronies.  There are many things Barack Obama should have just ignored  (including Hillary’s jib jabs) to show that he is above the pettiness as he said he was going to be.  Sorry Barack, you’re just another senator with the same old flip flopping “say what ever pleases” mentality of the rest.  Dismissed.

Taking Sharp Tone, Obama Breaks With Ex-Pastor

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Barack Obama lies about Ayers Relationship

Now the dust has settled a bit from that debate, let’s make sure those facts stay in the daylight.  When Barack Obama was confronted about his relationship with 60’s communist radical William Ayers, he tried to pretend they were just casual acquaintances.   According to Obama, Ayers is a “guy who lives in my neighborhood”.  Yeah, nice try Barack Obama.  According to this Associated Press article:

…..both men served together on the board of the Woods Fund, a Chicago-based charity that develops community groups to help the poor. Ayers joined the board in 1999 and is still on it. Obama left it in December 2002 after nine years.

That doesn’t sound like some he just knows from the ‘hood does it?

Someone asked me why I beat up on Obama so much.  Well it’s my blog and I don’t like him – that’s why.  And now it looks like Hillary is out of the picture. Unofficially, the delegate count is working against her.  She just isn’t getting the support from the Democrats she needed. They’re all too drunk on Obama’s Communist Kool Aid. In the meantime, we might be in the last days of the democratic food fight so we might as well enjoy it. 

Obama, Clinton and the Weather Underground

Obama Icon


Obama Not Treated Well by Media, Bammites Cry Foul

Boo Hoo! Well well how the tables have turned on communist Barack Obama and his commie supporters with last night’s debate.  And how the Democrats are digging themselves into a hole of fighting.  The Obama fans didn’t like the questions about why Barack Obama doesn’t wear a flag like most senators. And there was a question about Obama’s relationship with the Weather Underground.  The commies are really really unhappy about those questions.  Look commies. What’s right for the goose is right for the gander so to speak. Clinton and McCain have been duly bitchslapped by the media, now it Obama’s turn. 

I have just one question for you commies that support Barack Obama.  Why is not appropriate to ask him about the W.U. and his lack of a lapel flag?  This is someone who wants to take over the highest office in the land.  No stone should be unturned. Questions must be asked, get over it.

Gibson, Stephanopoulos criticized for debate moderation

Obama Clinton Debate

Barack Obama Elitist and Arrogant

You know, we already have one arrogant president — we don’t need another. Barack Obama keeps trying to deflect the damage from his “Small town white folks” insults. Clinton and McCain both bitch-slapped him and first he tried the old the ‘shame on her’ routine. Now the arrogant senator is calling their bitch-slap “political silly season”. He keeps digging himself in a deeper hole with this.

Not once has he actually apologized for offending anyone with his statements. He said “I didn’t say it as well as I should have”. But that is not the same as issuing an apology for an offensive comment. He would not even had tried that attempt at retraction if he hadn’t been caught red mouthed making the comment. So rather than do the right thing and specifically apologize for offending anyone, he just continues to attempt lame damage control techniques. We see through you Brackie!

Obama calls elitism attack political silly season

Barack Obama