Delaware Shooting – Just another Day in Da Hood

Another college shooting. Oh Boy. This is going to bring out the left wing anti-gun kukkoos in the media. It’s funny how much press coverage this school shooting is getting. It’s even gotten banner level coverage.

Now I am not saying the shooting is good or anything, but let’s put it in perspective shall we? If you read local news stories from places like Detroit, St. Louis, and LA, there are shootings like this every day. In fact, many times a day. Some drive by, some walk by, many random, many planned.

Yet these never get the media coverage that a school shooting does – even a college shooting. I say even a college shooting, because we have to remember that college students are in theory adults.

Anyway, back to the real news from the streets. Why is that marginalized by the media? Is it not interesting enough? I wonder how many people got shot in Detroit this week? Bet it was more than 2.

Is your daughter safe?


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