Is this all they have to do?

The senate votes to ‘condemn’ the ad. What exactly will happen if they condemn it? Nothing. Nada. MoveOn is a bit too far left for me, but hey that’s free speech. Get used to it. Last time I checked we still have that. General Betrayus!

Aside from that, it’s a symbolic move and nothing will happen to Moveon.Org other than a bunch of press coverage. And the coverage will sway sentimient in favor of MoveOn and make the GOP look stupid (again). People should be thinking right about now: “Good God, no wonder this congress can’t get anything done. The senate is busy playing games with advertising and game playing. Another ‘do nothing’ congress.”

Every senator who voted for this ‘measure’ has voted against democracy and free speech. The military is not above criticism and certainly General BetrayUS is not. Remember that!

Senate squares off with MoveOnSenator Cornie


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