Star Simpson – Stupid or Very Smart?

Now why would anyone go into an airport wearing a fake (but authentic looking) bomb device attached to her jacket? Star Simpson (move over OJ, there’s another Simpson in the news) did just that and of course this has been all over the news so I won’t rehash the details.

Either this chick is incredibly stupid or very smart. I go with the very smart. I mean I don’t know her or anything and there are after all, a lot of very stoooopid people in this world. But this one is a MIT student. MIT is no Harvard, but not just anyone can get in.

So I vote for very smart about 15 minutes of fame but not very smart about her future. What do you do when you want to get noticed and get your name in the news? Do something outrageous like this: that’s what.

Unfortunately, this gives her at the very least an arrest record and depending on how this goes, possibly a felony. True, she’s got everyone talking and that’s great for now. But what is going to do for her future? I wonder if she’s going to go into tech designer clothing and use this as a career launch?

So far, Ms. Simpson has been mum, so we must wait and see if she dumb or smart.

MIT student arrested for wearing circuit fashion

Star Simpson


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