New York Times Backpeddling all over itself

Surprise Surprise, the New York Times fall into their own double standard trap. Suddenly they’re doing the “oopsie” on the MoveOn ad and cited this as the reason:

The ad also seemed to disregard internal advertising standards that ban ads involving attacks of a personal nature.

While the issue at hand was the price that MoveOn paid, what is that about no ‘attacks of a personal nature’? If that’s the case, they’ve let them though plenty of times before and continue to do so.

Freedom’s Watch president Bradley A. Blakeman praised Hoyt for criticizing the paper’s ad policy, and said it had paid a similar, reduced rate for an ad blasting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Monday appearance at Columbia University. That full-page ad, headlined “Ahmadinejad is a terrorist,” appeared in Monday’s editions.

That sounds like a personal attack. It also sounds like the NYT is loosing credibility and can’t even control itself anymore.

N.Y. Times Calls MoveOn Ad a Mistake


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