Congress Wasting more Time with Armenian Measure?

Symbolic measures, condemn this, condemn that. Now it’s the Ottoman thing from 1915 almost 100 years ago. Is it like the House has nothing to do? I don’t think so. They’re supposed to be working on getting us out of Iraq (don’t hold breath). And all we get are symbolic measures?

This one smacks of special interest manipulation of congress. Who cares about something that happened 90+ years ago? It’s in the history books; history already condemns the act. This special interest condemning is only going to make few people happy (from what I’ve heard mostly living in Pelosi’s district).

Thankfully, it’s looking like the Reps came to their senses and are not longer supporting it. Madame House Speaker what were you thinking? For once I agree with Bush who said: “One thing Congress should not be doing is sorting out the historical record of the Ottoman Empire”. Certainly they have more pressing matters to work on!



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