I’m More Conservative No I am No I am

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most conservative of all? Who cares. The GOP wannabees are battling over which one of them is the most conservative and what they should be scrambling for is the middle ground.

Extreme Left + Extreme Right = Nothing getting done. That is precisely what is happening in the do-little congress we’ve had for the past few years. If they want to be elected, they must scramble for the middle ground. That is exactly what Ron Paul has done and he barely gets a mention. Not that he stands a chance (see the Congressional Factor), but he sounds good and uses a ton of common sense. The common sense thing is what has won him a small, but vocal legion of fans.

I think he even has friends on the extreme left. I see that he doesn’t have an entry on RightWingFaceBook and every other main GOP candidate does. Oh what a nice face Rudy. I told you he’s going to have trouble with that cross dressing habit of his – what a drag!

Rudy in Disguise


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