Anti Iran Rhetoric – Haven’t we Been here Before?

Anti Iran sentiments have been spouting from GOP mouths of late and I am having Deja Vu sessions.  I remember 2002; ahhh… seems like it was just yesterday.  The Anti Iraq brouhaha was ramping up fresh on the heals of 9/11.  I remember thinking at the time; they can’t be serious.  Surely, Congress will not let BushCo get away with this!

But congress caved in, betrayed the American people, and authorized that illegitimate war.  Surely they won’t let him get away with it again? Fooled us once?  Or will they? Fooled us twice. How many times can the US afford to be fooled? 

BushCo is in the lame duck days, but it still has GOP Support.  At the very least, there should be some very loud arguments about any military action against Iran at this point.  Last I read, opinions of Congress and Bush are at all time lows.  The best thing this Doolittle congress could do is stall the situation out until BushCo expires. Then take it up with Romney or Giuliani.

Anti-Iran Rhetoric Raises UN Concerns

Scary Bush


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