Larry Craig, Senator from the State of Denial

Larry Craig is someone who has tumbled off that precipice of high ranking office to the depths of ‘has been’ land in a very short time.  It’s degrading to watch him try to claw his way back up that precipice with all these strange maneuvers. First the hoping it would go away and all the flip flopping after that.  He was going to resign September 30, no wait, he changed his mind.  Then the legal challenges to reverse his guilty plea. The first one didn’t work as expected so now he’s digging up first amendment constitutional rights and error on the part of the judge. According to the AP article below:

Craig’s legal arguments are previewed in a “statement of the case” filed late Thursday. In addition to the constitutional argument, it says the judge erred by not allowing Craig to withdraw his plea, and that the judge who sentenced Craig to a fine and probation never signed anything saying he accepted the guilty plea.

Mr. Craig, that was YOUR guilty plea, not the judges, nor the arresting officer. I’m not sure about that last part (never signing anything) or what it means, but we shall see what happens. He’s pursuing all these legal channels to ‘clear his name’. But even in the unlikely event that Craig gets his guilty plea reversed, his name will not be cleared. There are too many questions: Too many flip flops, too many rumors and even a I had sex with Larry Craig story (warning it’s a dirty story) for his name to ever get cleared at this point. It was the Foley-esque story of the year. The big difference being of course, Mark Foley admitted his wrongdoing and went limping away. Larry Craig on the other hand is in a continuing state of denial and at the end of the day, people are still going to be bothered by these unanswered questions and flip flops.

Craig to Make Constitutional Argument

Senator Craig


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