The Swinging Senators

The Republicans gave us the ‘Singing Senators’ and of course one of those turned out to be a ‘sinning Senator’. Now we have the ‘Swinging Senators’ – Edwards, Obama, and Clinton. No, not that kind of swinging, I mean ‘swinging’ as in throwing punches. As in ‘come out swinging’. Ok both sides are doing that. But of course the mainstream media is having a field day with the Swinging Senators. The latest thing is Obama accusing Clinton of playing the gender card. I find that amusing since Obama is black and has played the race card numerous times. Funny how the mainstream media ignores that and continues to give Obama (and for that matter Edwards) free rides in the media. No Obama criticism gets into the mainstream media.

I suppose it’s because he’s the underdog; always has been probably always will. Now he is spending so much time contrasting himself to Clinton that we can’t see Obama anymore. All we see is a series of swinging punches. And lest we forget: all three of them are senators and will not be electable up against a stronger Republican candidate with a leadership background (evidence here).

Obama chides Clinton for playing gender card

Clinton Obama


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