Rudy Giuliani’s Leadership Background

If you look at the leadership background (from the middle) at both sides, you will see more leaders in the Republican field than in the Democrat field. As mentioned in The Congressional Disadvantage, presidents over the past 100 years have most often come either from the position of governor or vice president roles. Since Cheney and Gore have both ruled out a presidential run, we know there won’t be any Vice Presidents in the field this time around. So that leaves us to look at the governors in the field. That would be Romney and Huckabee on the Republican side and Richardson on the Democrat side. In this post, I speculated that Richardson is too far in the background on the Democrat side. He seems to be fully overshadowed by Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

But, I digress. This post was supposed to be about Rudy Giuliani. Where does that leadership background thing fit in with him? Well it’s no small task being mayor of the City of New York (one of the largest cities in the world). Add loads of bonus points for the fact that he was mayor during an extreme crisis. Giuliani has his share of critics, and of course he is going to have to some day answer up to this drag thing. Nevertheless, he has that leadership background whether real or perceived. Perception is almost as good as reality in elections I suppose.

That makes 3 leaders at the top of the GOP crowd compared to the 3 Swinging Senators on the Democrat side. This makes the Republicans far more likely to retain the White House in 2008.

Rudy Giuliani


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  1. Scott on

    When I look at Rudy one word comes to mind.

    Douche Bag

    Ok, that’s two words.

    A Republican, playing a Democrat, playing a Republican!

  2. stuckmiddle on

    Haha. Yes, that is the video I linked to in this post and one day he is going to have ot answer up to that drag affair (among other things). Unfortunately, it’s really all about perception. If people perceive him to be the hero from 9/11 (thanks to the common media) then at the polls he is.

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