Hillary Clinton the Shady Lady

The Obama Camp is leaning on Hillary Clinton to authorize the release of the HillDocs (thousands of pages of documents Bill Clinton’s presidential library that bear on her activities as First Lady). From two of Obama’s supporters:

“Throughout this campaign, you have repeatedly emphasized your experience as First Lady,” wrote Tom Miller, the Iowa attorney general, and Lu Barron, a Linn County supervisor. “However, by refusing to authorize an expedited release of the records from your time in Washington, you are preventing the Iowa voters from thoroughly reviewing that experience.”

The New York Times posted this as Hillary’s response:

Mrs. Clinton, in an interview with Radio Iowa on Saturday, said she did not know what the papers would reveal, but she supported releasing them as quickly as possible. “I think it’s like people think we have boxes of records in our basement and why don’t I just go and get them and hand them over,” she said. “And you know my husband has never blocked a record ever. He has been the most forthcoming of all presidents.”

I wonder what the Obama camp is looking to find? Some long forgotten dirt maybe on Whitewater? Or maybe dredging up some juice about the suicide of Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton’s Cattle Futures Controversy? Or revisiting some old dirt like TravelGate or FileGate? Hillary Clinton has so many skeletons in her closet, that perhaps she’s lost track of them. Certaintly there is gold dirt in them thar papers somewhere. Even if these documents aren’t released, who will vote for someone with all this baggage?

Obama Criticizes Clinton’s Drive to Win

Hillary Clinton


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  1. jaimleon on

    I’ve been wondering when any of this would be brought up and also wanted to add this link:

    No, Obama’s camp won’t find anything because anyone who had information incriminating the Clinton’s has already been “taken care of.”

    On another note, as a student in graduate school for Public Administration, I am constantly reminded that as public officials, we are to remain conscious of the fact that we will be under public scrutiny at all times…that even a “sense of impropriety” is in itself damning. Why hasn’t anyone taken this seriously into account with Hilary?

  2. Jade on

    I’m using the photo of Hillary from your website. Just contemplating whether there’s room for more critiques of Hill. Thanks for putting yours up.

  3. stuckmiddle on

    jaimleon, goodness that is quite the body count. I knew about Vincent Foster her ex lover, but whoa, she is quite the Black Widow isn’t she?

  4. BJ Tappa on

    Reporters could draw up a quick list of “old news” about Hillary Clinton’s record of public malfeasance that Bill knows full well have never been resolved.
    1. Hillary ordering around the White House staff to fire seven workers in the White House Travel Office for financial mismanagement, with Billy Dale accused of embezzlement. Hillary then lied to a grand jury about how she was not really involved in the firing scheme, even though staffers were writing there would be “hell to pay” if they didn’t do Hillary’s bidding. Billy Dale’s life was ruined. Two years later, it took a jury two hours to acquit him of all charges. Why did she do that? What would voters think, Mr. President?
    2. Hillary making a mysterious $100,000 profit off a $1,000 investment in cattle futures with Tyson Foods lawyer Jim Blair making her trades. Was this a bribe for the governor’s wife? It certainly didn’t fit Hillary’s first fairy-tale explanation: that she made the trades just reading the Wall Street Journal. Would more focus on this still-unresolved scandal help Hillary’s campaign, Mr. President?
    3. Hillary’s staffers rifling through Vince Foster’s office for documents in the hours after Foster’s death in Fort Marcy Park. One man seen leaving the scene with documents was White House aide and Hillary protege Craig Livingstone. What was he taking away? Why won’t anyone in your administration give an honest answer, Mr. President?
    4. Hillary’s Rose Law Firm records “disappeared,” only to reappear in the White House residence after years of requests for documents from the independent counsel investigating her lawyering for her corrupt business partner Jim McDougal. What were they doing right outside Hillary’s private office, Mr. President?
    5. Hillary demanding the need for a White House database of friends and enemies. The Clinton White House was found to be in possession of over 1,000 FBI files of Republican White House employees. At the center of the controversy again: Craig Livingstone, who told friends he was Hillary’s hire. Why were they there? How were they used?
    In each of these cases – and so many more! — the Clinton-adoring media pulled a collective hamstring and retired before the scandal was ever resolved.
    According to the AP, Clinton also said “his wife’s bipartisan work in the Senate proves she can accomplish her campaign’s message of change, and that records matter more than rhetoric.” But Hillary couldn’t even get her massive health care plan through a Democratic House and Senate. In Carl Bernstein’s biography, he reported Hillary made enemies among Senate Democrats like Daniel Patrick Moynihan by threatening to “demonize” them if they didn’t swallow her health plan whole. Does that sound like a formula for bipartisan rule in 2009?
    Looking at Hillary’s public record would also mean taking a serious look at her very liberal Senate voting record. She has a perfect 100 pro-abortion score with NARAL Pro-Choice America. Except for “gay marriage,” she’s pretty much perfect with the gay Human Rights Campaign lobby. She gets an F from the National Rifle Association. On fiscal issues, she gets an F from the National Taxpayers Union, a 14-percent score from Citizens Against Government Waste, and only a 6.7 percent score from Americans for Tax Reform. Her lifetime American Conservative Union rating is nine percent.
    At every turn, whether it is scandalous behavior or a scandalously liberal voting record, Bill Clinton knows full well that if the press were really focusing “like a laser beam” on Hillary’s past, her poll ratings would be dropping, not skyrocketing.

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