Corrupt Connecticut Prosecutor David J. Smith Promoted?

Earlier this year, I was both amazed and appalled by the Julie Amero case. It was the case where the substitute school teacher had spyware based porn popups on her classroom computer. It was a classic case of government overstepping its bounds and punishing someone for something they had no control over. She was convicted of risk of injury to a minor but it was later overturned and she was granted a new trial. You can read about the case at the Julie Amero Wikipedia Page.

It’s one of those cases that makes one angry at government run amok. So far there has been no news of a new trial. Gradually I forgot about the case. But it managed to resurface in a news article today. Strangely enough, it resurfaced in an article about those Aqua Dots toys laced with Date Rape drugs. Can’t recall the article location, but the author was comparing that situation to the Amero case as in “is the government going to arrest all the parents who gave their kids date rape drugs?” then went on to cite the Amero case.

There is a Blog kept by Amero and also a MySpace group devoted to the case. Neither one seems to have much activity since early summer so I guess that means no new trial. Perhaps the prosecution in this case might like to make this go away?

The actual prosecutor was a certain David J. Smith who seems to have moved on to the Connecticut State Atty General office. In retrospect this looks like a ‘railroad case’ much like the higher profile Duke Rape case. It’s full of suspicious characters on the side of the prosecution like the investigator who admitted to drinking on the job and the prosecutor David J. Smith who suppressed evidence in a previous case.

Why has this prosecutor David J. Smith not been investigated? Not only has he not been investigated or punished, but it looks as though David J. Smith has received a promotion since this case! They basically ruined someone’s life. In their zeal to control child porn, they got carried away and forgot to stay within the law. And he gets promoted after that? Is the CT AG corrupt as well?


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