Edwards – the Consummate Liberal

Yawn. That’s how I feel about the Democratic Party these days. John Edwards is simply not the media darling that Hillary and Barack are (imagine a woman or a black person as a president – raise em up!). He’s a white male liberal-has-been-wannabee. And he’s getting desperate with statements like this:

Edwards said if he becomes president, he will tell Congress, “if you don’t pass universal healthcare for America by July of this year, July of 2009, I will use every power I have to take your healthcare coverage away from you.”

Edwards’ rather vague plan for Universal Health Care can be found here. It looks like a other health care plans I’ve seen coming from liberal camps before, but it doesn’t talk much about how the plan will be funded. Indeed, the issue of universal healthcare is very complex and that’s why everyone’s avoiding it outright or else making vague statements about it.

Implementing such a thing will take years of finagling with insurance providers, pharmaceutical firms, and the like. To just say something like “we must have it by July 2009” is something that probably cannot be lived up to. And if by a long shot, he should win the presidency, such statements would only come back to bite him later. And considering he would only take office in 6 months prior to July 2009 makes it an even taller order. Whoever takes the White House will spend months or perhaps years cleaning up Bush’s messes! So who will have to time for a tall order like that? Be real.

And aside from that, his statement threatening members of congress doesn’t sound like someone who will be easy for congress to work with. That’s the problem with the current (p)Resident. Ann Coulter really really really hates Edwards and I used to think it was some sort of personal vendetta, but I’m beginning to see why. Say a prayer John, you’ll need help!

Edwards on the outside

John Edwards


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