Hillary has a Secret

Barack Obama has relied very little on his own assets lately and leaned more heavily on the shortcomings or perceived shortcomings of Hillary Clinton.  And shame on Hillary Clinton for doing the “I’ve got a dirty secret on Barack Obama but I’m not going to share it” thing.  Why bother? Does she really think we’re going to buy that line about how not using the so called ‘dirty information’ she has makes her a better person? Because she won’t stoop that low? Bah! She stooped low just by releasing that statement so Hillary, leak the dirt already. 

Obama is not squeaky clean, but there hasn’t been much in the way of negative assets other than that Rezko land deal.  Initially that was going to be Obama’s Whitewater, but it never went anywhere – at least not with the press.  Obama wrote that off as an “oops” moment and the press bought that hook, line, and sinker.  Maybe Hillary has some more poop on that?  Go at you two, neither of you are going to be President.



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  1. Vote for Hillary on

    Hillary Clinton has too much integrity. They accidentally stumbled upon some dirty secrets, and out of respect they are not releasing it. Obama should be thankful for Hillary taking the high road.

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