Rudy Scrapes the Bottom and Comes up with?

The Giuliani campaign must be getting desperate. Rudy criticized the Romney camp for a bad decision made by a judge he appointed. Too bad Mitt Romney had already called this judge on her error and asked her to step down. Yawn Rudy. Is that the best you can do? Meanwhile Rudy toots his horn on fiscal results, but this article manages to root out the truth.

Budget watchdog groups in New York have said that seven of the 23 tax cuts Giuliani takes credit for were initiated by the state, and an eighth, the largest of the 23, was scheduled to expire anyway.

Why isn’t someone calling Rudy on his ‘Dress in Drag’ Habit?

Giuliani, Romney spar on N.H. trail over taxes, crime

Rockette Rudy


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  1. JIVEWIRE on

    Ghouliani is a hot tempered fascist authoritarian bought and paid for neocon hack. He is a 911 opportunist who is corrupt and wrong on foreign policy.

    On top of his assault on civil liberties and warmonger philosophy, the hack if morally dead. First, he marries a cousin of his, divorces her to then cheat on his second wife while she is battling cancer. Dumps her during her cancer battle, only to proclaim he never really cheated because he was impotent. His third wife seems like a good fit for him as she purchases an extra seat on airplanes to sit her designer bag on it.

    Anyone who supports Giuliani is an obedient SHEEP ruled by fear, propaganda, and too lazy to research the truth. Luckily, America is waking up!

    Ron Paul 2008!

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