Mike Huckabee Sneaks into Spotlight

Once considered a darkhorse, it looks like old Minister Mike is becoming a contender on the GOP side. This is from his email:

I was notified that in the new daily tracking poll from Rasmussen Reports we have moved into first place in Iowa with 28%. Gov. Romney is in second place with 25% and Mayor Giuliani is in third place with 12%.

Don’t worry I get all their emails. Now these standings with ‘Judy’ Giuliani in 3rd look more the way it should be. Two governors at the top of the heap battling it out. Keep in mind that 4 of the last 5 presidents were governors before becoming presidents (GW Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter) and the 5th (GHW Bush) was VP. For all this hoopla about Hillary and Barack, the top of the GOP heap looks a lot stronger.

Oh and Mike Huck came out of that GOP debate relatively unscathed, belting out funnies while the other schoolboys flashed their fangs.

Huckabee shines in heated Republican debate

Mike Huckabee


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