Germany’s Strange Ban on Scientology

Germany is on the move to ban Scientology. Now you might say, who cares? Scientology is after all a strange cult which deserves little or no attention – much less sympathy. What makes Scientology so controversial that a country decides to ban it?

First of, we are not talking about a free country here. We’re talking about Germany where free thinking and intellectual discourse can be illegal (e.g. holocaust denial being a punishable crime there). Americans always think of things in terms of the US and its religious freedoms. Forget it! Germany has no such freedoms.

I think the biggest problem people have with Scientology is also one of the things that attract some people to it: it’s without a deity. Furthermore, it was created by one person in 1952 (a Sci Fi writer no less). It’s not even old or anything.

Aside from all this, the real scary thing here is Germany. They have said the church of Scientology is in conflict with their constitution, but have not elaborated on that and have remained very vague on the whole issue. If you’re going to ban something, I think you’d better be specific!

Scientology responds to German ban proposal



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  1. ian in hamburg on

    Wow, pretty broad brush there. Sure, it’s illegal to deny the holocaust here, but considering Germany’s determination not to repeat the mistakes of the past, I can’t blame them. I don’t agree with the ban on Scientology either, but for other reasons. It’s simply not worth taking seriously.

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