Is Hillary the Best Shot?

Hillary, Obama, and Edwards are all senators. As mentioned in the The Congressional Disadvantage, senators don’t usually go on to become presidents. If we ignore Richardson, which the media seems to be doing, that might make Hillary the most electable candidate. In addition to being a two term senator, she’s a former two term first lady. As first lady, she did have access to a lot more of what it takes to run this country than she does having served as a senator. The other two senators can’t say that. This is definitely something she’s riding on, but will it carry her?

I don’t think the so called swing voters will vote for her – at least not those swing voters old enough to remember the Clinton administration and all its controversies. Talk about baggage! She carries the baggage reasonably well and doesn’t do much apologizing for past things (e.g. the Iraq vote which Obama continues to harp on). She doesn’t apologize for a reason; she doesn’t want to show weaknesses. Never let em see you sweat!

Hillary Stressed out


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