Michael Bloomberg Rumors

Rumors have been swirling about Michael Bloomberg jumping in the [already crowded] presidential ring as a possible 3rd party candidate. Just yesterday, this article appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Is the time right for a 3rd party candidate?

History says it’s not very likely. The last time a 3rd party candidate took the presidency was 1860 when Lincoln and his Republicans supplanted the Whigs. At the time, apparently, the Republicans were a minor party. Hasn’t happened since. There’s been some attempts recently: Jesse Jackson 1988, Ross Perot 1992, Ralph Nader 2000, to name a few. But we know how those ended up. In those cases, they got some recognition and perhaps a footnote in the history books. If that’s all you’re after, Mr. Bloomberg, then fine, because that’s probably all you’ll get.

He is billing himself as a Centrist. Trouble is, he’s been a Democrat, a Republican, and now an Independent. While he says he’s had trouble with both parties (which I can understand), this might be seen as a weakness. An indecisiveness.

Well the other thing you get from running as a 3rd party of course is the “spoiler effect”. Such as was the case with Nader in 2000. But where these rumors keep coming from who knows? Bloomberg himself very specifically denies that he plans to run:

“I’m not going to be a candidate,” he told NBC’s “Today Show.” “I am not a candidate.”

There, doesn’t that end that? Doesn’t make the Bloomberg about as likely as a Gore run?

Bloomberg says not presidential candidate



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  1. andrewmacrae on

    Mike Bloomberg is much more likely to run than Al Gore because he doesn’t have to deal with the troubles of fund-raising. Also Gore had his shot and “lost” already.

    http://www.uniteformike.com – Join the effort to Draft Mike Bloomberg

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