Barack Obama’s 2nd Fiddle?

Well the excitement of Iowa is over and Obama shows some resilience there. I wonder if John Edwards is going to be willing to play ‘2nd fiddle’ again and go with a Vice President ticket. Memory serves me right, he was runner up in Iowa to Kerry in 2004 and they ended up a team.

Obama and Hillary have had too much friction to team up. And aside from that, I doubt Hill wants to be Vice President – 2nd fiddler – at this point. People have also been tossing around Richardson as a possible VP. All in all, I think if Obama takes it all the way, Edwards might be a good teammate. The two seem to go well together, but then who knows. The Democratic side continues to be interesting.

Obama Edwards


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  1. gasdocpol on

    Richardson is far more qualified . The only thing Edwards brings to the table is experience at suing doctors and running for president.

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