Huffington Illustrates Free Press Pass for Obama

Arianna Huffington wrote this scathing post on Hillary Clinton’s sudden shift to defensive position.

She takes six talking points (made especially for an anti-Hillary piece) and blows them up. Now I don’t necessarily disagree with a criticism of Hillary (after all she is a portrait in cynicism), but this article illustrates the ‘free press pass’ that Obama has been getting. “Where’s the Beef” indeed? Where’s the criticism of Barack Obama? It’s completely lacking from the mainstream media of which I consider Huffington Post to be part of.

Is Barack Obama above criticism? I doubt it. There are some valid concerns when looking at Barack Obama, most notably his lack of leadership experience. This issue continues to get brushed under the rug by Obama’s starry eyed supporters and Democrats in general. But I hardly ever see mainstream media articles that draw a negative slant on Barack Obama (outside of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and other conversative sources.). I can say this: Barack Obama had better enjoy his free press pass while he has it. Now that he’s front runner status, the Republicans will be taking aim and I can guarantee they won’t conveniently cover up the lack of experience with Obama.



2 comments so far

  1. Alex on

    Have you seen his meet the press interview?

    Full disclosure I am on team O. So i guess I drank the kool aid.

  2. Obama on

    hilary clintion should not be president

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