Barack Obama – The Audacity of Charisma

Let me just say that I would not vote for Barack Obama. Let’s get that out of the way right now so you know where I stand. It has nothing to with his color, his Muslim sounding name, or that he came from a broken family. Those things WILL make a difference to some people I can guarantee that, but I will not go there.

What it has to do with is primarily two things.

1 – He has no real leadership experience. I don’t consider a senator to be a leadership position. Senators are ‘team members’, they are not leaders. Even the whips and majority leaders are not leaders in the context of the skills required to be president. Before he was a senator, he was an attorney. Again, not a true leadership position. A leadership position would be a state governor, a mayor of a large city, or a CEO of a very large corporation perhaps. He has none of those things on his resume. Oh yeah, and he’s an author too. Not a leader.

2 – Related to no real leadership experience is the lack of accomplishments in area of leadership. His sheeple will often point to the bills he authored in the senate. Ok, but again, that’s the senate. He wrote two books? That’s an accomplishment, granted, but how would that help the U.S. as president? He could write kick ass letters and speeches I suppose.

The one thing Barack Obama does have in abundance is charisma. Not just ordinary charisma, but the kind of charisma that rallies up large number of people and gets them excited. So think about that for a minute. All these sheeple that follow Obama are doing so largely on the basis of his charisma?

That’s dangerous. Wake up sheeple!

Barack Obama


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  1. Tim on

    Are you aware that Clinton and McCain are also senators? Are you voting for Huckabee? And what will you do if Huckabee doesn’t beat McCain?

    Would you vote for Huckabee over Obama even if you agreed with Obama simply because Huckabee has been a governor?

  2. realitygirl 2 on

    Senator Obama has more than charisma. He has demonstrated leadership through the “surge” of people in the United States who are now talking about politics at home, work, play, church, and anywhere else they may feel comfortable and have heard him in debates and campaign speeches. Also, you cannot dispel the numbers of people at his campaign speeches as shown through the media (thousands). These people are not listening to likability. They are listening to a future President who speaks about the realities of a broken government and despondent people all over the nation. He has invited the citizens of the United States to take part in making the United States a wonderful country for all people. The experience of Hillary Clinton was demonstrated at the debate in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Although a debater can oppose the opponent and use factual information to lessen the opponent’s strength, Mrs. Clinton preferred to yell so loud to the point of making the other opponents not heard or to force her to calm down so that others could be heard. That is truly the old politics that has existed in this country. That is not leadership – it is the worst position for someone who does not want to reveal any position about the issues that are pressing the American people. This is the same position that the Bush Presidency has shown through the war, economy, and businesses that resulted in job losses.

  3. Sean on

    yeah man, looks like you’ve got everything figured out.

  4. stuckmiddle on

    Tim, yes I am aware the others are senators and it leaves an untested group. Huckabee is out of it by way of the odds. Senator experience is not executive branch experience any way you look at it. Looks like a bunch of crap shoot choices this time around.

  5. Leland Milton Goldblatt on

    Any Democratic candidate who cannot win California and
    New York should call it a day.

    Obama could not win a single Electoral College megastate vital for
    any Democratic candidate, with the sole exception of
    his own home base of Illinois.


    He proudly lists Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, North
    Dakota, and Utah. What do these states have in common?
    They are states which a Democrat could never win in a
    general election.

    Delaware is a perfect state for Obama ­ ri h
    Volvo-driving, chablis and brie elitists in the
    Philadelphia suburbs, but it does not look like
    America. Colorado is another Obama state where the
    well-off suburban voter can be decisive in a
    Democratic primary. True, Obama won Connecticut, which
    has some union voters, but it looks like Greenwich,
    Cos Cob, and Yale carried the day. Missouri might fall
    to Clinton on a recount; in any case, the race was
    very close. Minnesota is a special case because of the
    Democrat Farmer-Labor Party; this was in any case a
    state that went for Mondale, for various reasons ­ not
    a good bellwether.

    Love your liberty? Why add amendment to the constitution?
    Love your liberty? Why support warrantless wiretapping?
    And a smoking ban.


    — Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®

  6. Mike on

    I know I’m young and cannot put my word up against a Ph.D. but this is what my problem with America is today. Everyone is so cynical. So what if his best asset is charisma, what was Reagan’s best asset? Now I’m no fan of Reagan but he did manage to pull this nation out of malaise which I feel we are headed towards again with the recent surge of apathy.

    It’s time for the baby boomers to step aside, this isn’t just your country anymore. And thanks for fucking it all up along the way.

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