McCain’s Age and his Veep

Ronald Reagan presently holds the record for being the oldest president upon taking office. He was just a few weeks short of his 70th birthday on January 20, 1981. That record could be shot down if McCain were to go on to be president. With a DOB of 8/29/36, McCain will be 72 next January – the month he would take office.

Sugar coat it any way you want but he’s old. Old as the hills, old as dirt, oldie olson, etc. Let’s face it, at that age, he can die any time. That makes the choice of VP all the more important. McCain’s VP will need to be ready to step in handily and steadily if McCain’s time is up during his term. McCain has not dropped any names but AZ Central drew up this composite of the choice:

  • Come from outside of Washington and probably be a governor. That would offset McCain’s 25 years as a senator and congressman on Capitol Hill and his lack of executive-branch experience.
  • Be more conservative than McCain, who faces ongoing criticism from the political right for his past cooperation with Democrats on issues such as immigration reform and campaign-finance law. Someone on good terms with the evangelical Christian community might help, too.
  • The candidate probably will hail from the East, more likely the South.
  • The candidate likely will be younger than McCain, who will turn 72 in August.

Hmm. That sounds like Huckabee. Huckabee is still in the race and people are wondering why. Perhaps he’s trying to set himself up for a VP spot and then pop in as president if and when the old man dies? Interesting scenario. The last time a president died in office (of something other than assasination) is 1945 (Roosevelt in his 4th term).

Getting back to Reagan, I am old enough to remember his 2nd term and it wasn’t a pretty sight. There was some evidence that Alzheimers was already setting in during that term. Had YouTube been around in those days, you would have seen videos of him stumbling and forgetting lines in speeches. A 2nd term for McCain would be even more of an Oldie Olson affair. Just sayin.

Who will be McCain’s VP choice

Huck and Mccain


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