Conspicuously Missing – Negative Press on Obama

I should make this a contest but unfortunately due to the failed policy of the current administration, I can’t afford to pay a prize. Or I could make it a “missing” notice but I can’t offer a reward. Well ok, let me throw it out anyway. Can anyone find me a piece of negative press on Barack Obama? I am talking Mainstream Media (MSM) here. I know I can find that at Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh’s sites, or other conservative sites. But what about ordinary discourse from the MSM that doesn’t come out making Obama look so good?

Here is a typical MSM story entitled Bill Clinton knocks Obama on health care. Sounds like it might a criticism of Obama? Nope! Comes out sounding like Clinton is just blowing smoke (which he probably is, but that’s not the point). Where’s the criticism? Where the fair treatment of Obama in the media? And fair treatment doesn’t mean giving him a free ride. It means taking good hard look at his lack of experience, his no-shows in the senate, his absenteeism, and what the heck, maybe his smoking habit to boot? Can anyone say for sure he’s quit smoking when he’s still addicted to nicotine? Ah well, I’ll keep scouring the news.

OBama and Friend


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  1. jim on

    This is exactly what I have been asking. I saw a small piece on the local news the other day about his voting record in the senate and the Illinois Senate. Thats it. I read CNN everyday and it seems that all they cover is Hillary’s mistakes. Maybe the media is trying to “buy” our next President?

  2. Janna on

    Wow, I just did a search on “negative press on Obama” for the same reason. I am squarely in the middle of determining where my vote will go, but can’t find an iota of balanced coverage of Obama. I am almost ready to turn off the t.v. and computer for good, very little in the way of giving us both the good and the bad to let me, the voter, decide.

  3. absolute truth on

    And now, we are in October and its quite apparent who the mainstream media is promoting, all negative about mccain and osama obama is the messiah..absolutely disgusting.

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