Hillary, Iraq, and Failure to Connect

David Broder wrote this piece about Hillary Clinton’s failure to connect. I think this is a well thought out way to describe what’s occurring on the Democrat side of the election fence.

My sense is that in the following months of campaigning, voters were often frustrated by their inability to discover the real person behind the notably buttoned-up candidate.

I think that’s thing one that Barack Obama has done extremely well: Connecting with the voters. He’s done that on many fronts, but most notably Iraq. He’s one of the few candidates who from the start took a hard line against further involvement in Iraq. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich also did, but those two failed to connect with a wide enough base of voters.

I think his hard line stance against further involvement in Iraq is one of the major pillars of Barack Obama’s campaign. And the support he gets reflects just how pissed off people are about our involvement in Iraq. There are those (such as myself) who knew Iraq was a bad move from the start. But since the illegitimate invasion of Iraq in 2003, even many of those who were fooled by the administration’s lies, have turned against that ‘war’. Is this what is driving Obama’s success?

Indeed anyone who thinks about Iraq and questions Bush’s lie about Iraq’s role in the so-called war on terrorism will have to consider that when they vote. For Centrists, that presents a difficult choice. McCain seems to indicate it will be ‘business as usual’ in Iraq and one can’t really tell where Hillary is. Which leads me back to the point at hand. The reason Democrats and some swing voters are flocking to Obama and not Hillary: Iraq.

Clinton’s Flaw: A Failure to Connect



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