Barack Obama – For the Little Guy or Big Oil?

Here is yet another skeleton in Obama’s closet that has somehow eluded the mass media. His ties to big biz electricity markets. One of his biggest backers is Exelon, the Illinois power company. And they are one of the largest megawatt providers. They’re also in trouble with the state AG who says that the company is bilking consumer left and right. Also there is that issue of the so call nuclear legislation he authored which was supposed to require all nuke plant owners to notify state and local authorities immediately of even small leaks. However, the bill was stripped down and lost its punch as Obama caved into senate Republicans and it replaced the requirement with a ‘guidance’. Obama forgets to mention that when he brags about that legislation on the campaign trail. Lies of omission. Change? What change? This sounds like the same old Big Energy/Oil Politics to me.

Obama’s Exelon ties merit close look

Obama and Oil Men


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  1. ret on

    Exelon is a nuclear company moron….. thank god he’s talking to them… we don’t need more oil influence

  2. BRB on

    Exelon and Obama is very much comparable to Bush and his family’s oil company. And how Obama is advised by them is very much like how Bush is advised by the oil folk. I went to a Obama charity and guess who spoke at the charity? One of the VPs of Exelon! And he spoke on Obama’s behalf since he was appointed advisor on his campaign trail. The guy was a major ass to say the least. From then on my feelings toward Obama and admiration toward him has lessened with further research, court records and discoveries. But back to the point of Exelon. Exelon is very corrupt. Electricity, like oil, is a necessity. The only difference is that electricity is pretty much used to make, run a household, teach a classroom, run a business, or do anything. Oil is not.

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