Barack Obama is a Racist

He is, yep yep yep. He said these words: “typical white person.” Now you might say hey wait a minute Stuck N. Middle, you’re taking that out of context. He was referencing his grandmother discussing the way she felt walking down the street. Or something like that. With every thing Obama spins, you can take it a number of ways – I’m not really sure what he was saying. I think he might have blown it and knew he blew it so he just rattled something off. The Obama damage control team tried to use a variation of the out of context excuse by saying “his intentions may have been misconstrued.” But he said what he said. He said “typical white person.”

Can you imagine a public official who is white saying something like “typical black person”? No matter what the context? They’d be fired or recalled in a New York minute. The fact of the matter is, there is something very wrong with Barack Obama bubbling just under the surface and it gives one the impression that he doesn’t have what it takes to bridge any racial gaps. Perpetuating hatred for white people is not bridging a racial gap. By bundling all white people into a “typical” statement like that, he fails to show any sensitivity to white people. What else is bubbling there? I will not vote for this racist – but I said that already. This just gives me another reason not to vote for him. We can only hope that every other “typical white person” will not vote for this person.

Obama Talks More About ‘Typical White Person’ Grandmother

Serious Obama


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  1. HM on

    I’m a middle-aged white woman and I think you’re crazy. Obama is probably the least racist person that has ever run for president. Why are you so paranoid? Did you even listen to the entire speech?

  2. reaganite on

    Oh Heavens, Stuck-N-the-Middle, you haven’t realized that people of color cannot, by definition, be racist. Never mind what they say, regardless of who they call what, they cannot be racist.Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton et al, have said things, which coming out of a white person’s mouth would have been roundly condemned, yet no one said anything at the time the utterance was made. White people are so terrified of being labeled and so terrified of being called unsophisticated and under-enlightened that they go out of their way to say the correct things. Along the way, the truth went out of the window. This is the same thing as is happening with Muslims and Islam. When will we realize that the war is with Islam. It always was. It always will be. Now, I know you will say, “But wait a minute, Reaganite, there are muslims in America. We don’t have a war with them.” To this I say, “Quite true.” But this is because their Islam is tempered by American temperance. The vicious, war-mongering, violent verses in the Quran, which spur the Jihadists on to their horrible missions, are disregarded by American Muslims. I hope this makes sense.
    Good post, anyway.

  3. stuckmiddle on

    HM, I may be crazy but I see between the BS. You didn’t address the double standard of “typical black person” did you?
    And Reaganite I am well aware that the term racist seems to only apply to whites, part of the double standard we have been forced to live under. Used it here to stir the Obama pot.

  4. Duck Bean on

    Obama is a “typical” racist!

  5. hpd on

    I think that being a middle aged women you would have some common sense. I have listen to his entire speech as well as all his views. You can keep your head in the sand and believe what ever you want to convince yourself but HE IS A RACIST! I would not vote for a white racist, black racist or any racist. I also have a problem with the fact that he refuses to wear the American Flag. Obama is way too liberal.

  6. John Smith on

    It’s quite unfortunate that some ‘people of color’, as ‘reganite’ termed them above, want Caucasians to believe they cannot be racist by definition. They want Caucasians to believe they “own” the term. ANY color person can be racist. Being racist is simply treating another race BETTER or SUPERIOR to another.This is an old ploy to divert responsibility & accountability for one’s actions and even views.

    Obama’s pastor is a clear-cut, 100%, Caucasian-hating African-American racist, plain and simple. I’m not totally convinced Obama is a racist himself, and most likely he is NOT, however, his “typical white person” statement is clearly a racist remark.

    ‘People of color’ (again as ‘reganite’ chose to refer to them), are some of the worst racists on the planet. They believe THEY should be treated better than another race, which is, by definition, “racist”. Don’t be fooled by them.

    If you chose to believe ‘reganite’, then an Asian person could not be racist for hating an African-American…remember, Asians are ‘people of color’ as well. No, some race-baiters would say only African-Americans can be victims of racism, which in and of itself, is a racist statement. ANY race can be racist, and we all know it.

    An excellent author to read on this subject is Larry Elder, who is African-American radio talk show host in L.A., who has written several books on how African-Americans constantly play the race card against Caucasians. He reveals all the little “tricks” and verbage they use to convince people they are forever “victims” of the Caucasian race.

    Racism is racism, unfortunately.

  7. Ashley on

    Stuck in the Middle….it’s either your ignorant or have nothing else constructive to do with your time.

    Barack Obama is bi-racial, meaning he’s not suppose to even be classified into one single race. He’s both of African American and Caucasion descent. He is equally a black man with a white mother as he is a white man with a black father. Yes he is dark skinned, and its common to classify with race with minority if you are bi-racial. Genetically he’s still of both races. Your blog was pathethic. How can he be racist against his own race?

    What Barack Obama speaks is a REALITY. Personally, I feel ignorant “things” as your self acts very “typical”, very un-educated and blinded by the reality of things that happens in today’s society. Wake up.

  8. stuckmiddle on

    Assly, I feel it is you who must wake up. Did you pay attention to your Critical Thinking course in College or did you not take one? There is no proof that Obama can do anything other than write books, give speeches, and do civil lawsuits for special interest groups. And you are simply drunk on his Koolaid. Sober up!

  9. Freedom Fan on

    Genetically he’s still of both races… How can he be racist against his own race?

    On the contrary, it’s arguably because of his mixed race and lack of any claim to having ancestors who were victims of slavery, that Obama sought out and immersed himself in “Black Liberation Theology” — the religion of whitey hatred.

    Obama’s worthless father ran out on him when Obama was a tot, and Obama has been trying to regain a connection to him ever since.

    In addition, Obama cynically cultivated the victimhood mentality of thousands of Democrat losers to propel himself into positions of political power.

    Let Obama go away to find himself and let a straight-talking grown-up, like McCain who loves America, become President of the most powerful country on earth.

  10. Ashley on

    “There is no proof that Obama can do anything other than write books, give speeches, and do civil lawsuits for special interest groups”.

    But it your delegates that’s voting for him. Have you heard Clinton’s won the Texas primary but only got of the delegates 2/10 votes? The system is rigged for him to win. Why would anyone want McCain to win? Impossible. I highly doubt that America is anticipating 8 more years of war.

  11. Ashley on

    It’s quite obvious you have some obsession with the Barack Hussein Obama. Is it because he poses some sort of threat to you? Threat to your prospect presidential candidate? However, it’s quite entertaining. Are you going to continue these posts when he wins? This is what I’m looking forward too. My suggestion to you is to get comfortable. I know Republicans whose admit he has no chance of winning and walks away saddened. mhmmm

  12. jim smith on


    People like you are the reason racism is so prevelent in our society. Your ignorant views are racist! When will people of color stop blaming everyone for their problems? Racism does not see color, obviously you do!

  13. amanda on

    i can’t understand why people can hate each other just because of the color of their skin!!! it’s absolutely ridiculous…. yes i may be considered a “whitey” but i also have american indian amongst other nationalities in my blood… we are none of us “pure blooded” anything anymore… why after so many years, can’t we stop the hate and just love each other the way God intended??? God didn’t intend for us to enslave one another and hate each other because of the hue of our skin… i know that i’m just one of the sane voices in the chaos that is our world… but can’t we all just get along? God didn’t mean for everyone to hate each other and to kill each other over stupid things like the color of our skin… i may have pale skin, but i’m just a pale skinned indian with a multitude of other blood in me… i don’t hate because of color, i don’t think anyone else should either.. it’s just not right… we owe it to ourselves to be kinder to people, stop and think for a moment… would you be more inclined to be kind to a stranger if someone had shown you kindness when you needed a friendly smile or a good conversation to take your mind off of a bad day or situation??? even if someone hadn’t shown you kindness first, don’t forget a smile is contagious!!! pass one along and brighten up someones day…

  14. mason on

    HM, how did you come to that conclusion? How could you possibly say what is going on inside his mind? A politician is a politician. Plain and simple. There are going to be things we dont know about them. All you can do is look at what is in front of you and what is known. For you to make that statement is just asinine. People like you are what is wrong with america. People who have been brainwashed and are completely unable to look at things in an unbiased manor. All I can look at is the case that has been made, and from what I can see, it isnt good for him.

  15. Deprogram on

    Someone told me that Barack Obama specifically said that anybody can be racist, and that this garbage that “people of color cannot be racist” isn’t true. I am looking for this statement( that is what led me to this page actually). So far I know that Obama has called Mr. Wright’s controversial statements “wrong and divisive”, which is pretty tough talk IMHO. I know all about the “power plus prejudice equals racism” ideology, they were teaching it as a fact when I went to Evergreen. What I like about Obama is that he obviously is not all that. Show me proof that Obama agrees that “people of color cannot be racist”, and I will not vote for him (which for a Democrat like me may mean staying home).

  16. Obama is a racist piece of Filth on

    I have a few things to say to you, but i will sum them up as short as i can. Barak Hussein Obama is a racist pile of filth, he is also black, which i have nothing against, but when you see a black racist, trying to be president, it scared the crap out of me and any other realistic person out there. I understand that you (African Americans) love him, its showing int he polls that 90 percent of African Americans in the us voted for Obama, to any rational human being that only means that black people are voting for him because he is black. period. Not for what he has “accomplished” And that is almost as sickening as what this man has praised in his church, whihc is racism towards the white race. I understand that most black people have this grudge against us, but GET OVER IT, what do you think he will do if he miraculously gets voted president of he united states, he will enslave the white man? I think not. We should vote according to accomplishments and attitude. Most of all background. This man is a racist, and the media needs to magnify this part of Obama that is almost hidden. Its absolutely disgusting. I don’t believe for one second that he conveniently skipped mass those 2 times that his racist minister happened to speak about the white race like it was the worst thing in the world, after all if we didn’t bring the blacks here from Africa, they wouldn’t be here. Think about that for a second. I’m not for slavery or anything like that but i just think that obama is just trying to be the next Hitler, from his speeches in his church and his books, he would give more privileges to the blacks and tax breaks, and so on, if he could and mostly likely take away rights from the whites. I’m not afraid that Obama will be president because our country is make of only 10-15 percent blacks. So even if everyone of them voted for him, just because of his skin color, it wouldn’t and couldn’t make him president. And that he isn’t smart enough or experienced enough , even trusted enough to be president. He is just telling us what we want to hear. And the main thing is here , he is RACIST. To all the racist blacks out there, just give up and realize that even though the white house is sometimes corrupt, it will never be that corrupt to welcome Mr. Obama. Ever.

  17. John Doe on

    barack is a fucking racist. But I guess im just a typical white person.

  18. convinced on

    okay just one thing to inform the masses…
    Obama is NOT black. He is 43.75% Arab, 50% white, and 6.25% “black.”

    so don’t say he’s half black, half white.

  19. Crazy Cajun on

    I don’t know.

    If I was to believe in the “Birds of a Feather” thing, what should I believe about McCain and Obama. I would have to believer, maybe one is about money and the other about racism. Can you figure which one flies with either of those birds of a feather???

    I say call a spade a spade (no racist pun intended).

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