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  1. Ebony on

    Fascinating. I wonder if Google will come up with something spiritual…

    He lives!
    Jesus, I mean…

  2. Morgan on

    The Term is Google Doodles. The creations of Dennis Hwang. So this just may be the feelings of one man or maybe google as a whole.

    I have wondered this exact thing. I was not sure if this was just me or something someone else had noticed. So I googled it and your blog was the only thing that came up. I am not sure if hate is the right term but google certainly does do Google Doodles for most any other day they consider worthy of Doodlizing.

    Not that this is really a big deal but it just made me pause becuase here google in one hand helped the chinese government oppress their people, but can’t take the time to make the two O’s in google to be Easter Eggs.

    Trust me I am in no way a bible thumper or an active churchgoer in any way, but for some reason this kind of bothers me. I mean when you consider the Day of Easter and it being a day to remember the Resurrection I am not sure if there is any other single day that gives more hope for mankind. Anyways thats just one mans opinion.

    So back to the reason google does not Doodle Christian Days? I really am not sure, but I just have seen this going on for some time and I remember checking google out on this past christmas and I don’t remember seeing anything (actually they did say Season Greetings, but they did Doodle The New Year.

    Well what can you do. Its just interesting I guess thats all…. Here are some links for anyone who wants to see googles past Doodles and one for the guy that has been doing the google Doodles since day one….. oh and I did submit this to digg.com so will see if it hits the front page. probably not but oh well ….chat later.



    The creator of to Google Doodles. (Dennis Hwang)


  3. Chris on

    Erm… I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Google have made a Google Doodle for Easter once in the past as they have done with holidays from other religions. I think that Google are trying to appear non-denominational while still trying to remain business-like. So I guess instead of making doodles for every holiday in every religion, they will just select certain holidays at different times and will only doodle them once so that their logo isn’t constantly changing.

    So I think it is completely irrational to say Google hates Christianity. Chris.

    Google Easter Search Eggs: http://www.google.com/holidaylogos01.html

    Google Easter Weekend Doodle:

  4. Steve on

    “Now they do Googlize Christmas”

    Actually they don’t quite – they use the strange “Happy Holidays” greeting (because as we all know, late December is the time all the world’s religions celebrate their major holidays).

    The designs of the holiday logos also tend to be more “generic winter” than even secular Christmas.

    Having said that, they don’t seem to go in for recognizing much in the way of religious holidays. A browse through their archive of doodles shows a couple for Easter (eggs of course, can’t have any religious imagery!) and a Purim image.

    I found a blog by a Muslim about the lack of an Eid doodle, and this included an interesting letter supposedly from Google on the subject:


    The conclusion of one commenter was that Google is prejudiced against Islam. So I guess this is a can of worms that Google wants to stay away from…

  5. Patrick on

    Google is run by atheists. Western atheists were mostly brought up in Christianity, thus it is that religion that they resent. This is why you will see them snuff Christianity as much as possible and never any other religious holidays.

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