You’re Free to go…No Wait

Sara Jane Olson – the 70’s hippie bank robber – was released from prison last week. But apparently the prison system is so screwed up, even the corrections people can’t get it right.  Even with a high profile case like Olson’s. It makes you wonder how many other parole cases corrections people are screwing up and releasing early? Like much more dangerous criminals?  Anyway, Happy Easter Sara! (hehe)

Days after her release on parole, a former 1970s radical who had hidden as a fugitive for years was arrested Saturday and returned to prison to serve at least one more year. Corrections officials said a miscalculation resulted in her early release. Criticism that followed Sara Jane Olson’s release on Monday spurred a thorough review of her sentence and the timing of her parole, Chief Deputy Secretary Scott Kernan said at a news conference. Officials discovered a 2004 miscalculation that resulted in the former Symbionese Liberation Army member being released a year too early, he said.

1970s Radical Is Returned To Prison Days After Release

Sara Jane Olson


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