Figures – Barack Obama wants More Government

Earlier this week John McCain stayed in the news by addressing what he feels the role of government should in addressing the mortgage crisis. Basically, he takes a hands off approach. There is some justification for this. Bailing people out who made bad decisions shouldn’t be the job of the government. What happened to personal responsibility? That’s the basis behind what McCain is saying.

Then along comes communist Barack Obama – he says to tighten government regulation on the mortgage industry. That’s just another way of saying more government control on free enterprise. That’s a typical socialist democrat way of looking at it. Cast the blame on places other than the source. I have said before and I’ll say it again ; the people who signed those mortgages didn’t do so at gunpoint. That was an uneducated move on their part and Obama would like to use our tax dollars to fund those bad moves. Where will he get the money? From Iraq?

Obama Urges Tighter Regulation in Wake of Housing Slump

Obama McCain


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