People Still Want Ron Paul

Today we were driving our neighborhood and noticed that, yes, a few new Ron Paul 2008 signs had sprung up. Umm. Even though under the current system, he can’t win the nomination – unless: McCain were to kick the bucket between now and the RNC. I mean, the guy is going on 72 and that is a possibility. I wonder if that’s the hope Paul is clinging to? Now Ron Paul is even older than McCain. He will be 73 in August.

I find it interesting that people are still springing up signs for him. Shows what happens when you dress a Libertarian up in the Republican outfit. Years ago, Ron Paul ran under the Libertarian flag and at some point decided to be a Republican. So he is still delivering the basic same message only as a Republican. And now he has a small but vocal and noticeable following that he never enjoyed as a Libertarian. So I guess the same words coming from a Republican mean something different than if they were coming from a Libertarian?

Ron Paul


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  1. L. Step on

    Yes, I still want Ron Paul. By the way, would you attach the picture of McCain in a rage to any remarks you might have to say about him? Or of Hillary in a mood, or Obama in his African drag? No. Of course not. Why then with Paul? Does he deserve such ridicule for simply telling it as it is: Let’s get out of Iraq, NOW. Let’s stop printing money without any basis in anything except the “word of the Fed”? Ah well, such public ridicule of a good man is unbecoming.

  2. Joe on

    John McCain is more democrat than republican, and he is NOT a conservative.

    People want a true blue (yes it was blue once) conservative republican, like Ron Paul.

    He was elected to congress 10 times as a republican.

    John McCain also knows nearly nothing about economics , the dominating issue in this election. If you want to go by how often he crashed his planes in wartime he would make an awful commander in chief too.

    Ron Paul would end the war and end the damaging factors that are raping American wealth.

    You are still wondering why people are rasing signs to support Ron Paul?

    Oh he doesn’t have cancer like John either…

  3. Ashley on

    I’d vote for Paul over McCain….McCain has a temper and posing as a conservative (a phony hungry for votes). I don’t appreciate liars.

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