Barack Obama goes Bowling; Who sees the Metaphor?

Barack Obama went bowling in Altoona, PA in hopes to show.. hmmm what? He bowled a 37 which is by all counts a horrible score. It means you can’t keep the ball near the center of the lane. 37 is the kind of score an 8 year old would get when bowling for the first time. That aside, he’s supposed to be a politician, not a bowler so one can easily forgive his lame score on the lanes.

The real metaphor here is white. Bowling is a predominantly white sport, especially in a place like Altoona. (Altoona has a 96% white population). Considering Obama’s major political blunder with Jeremiah Wright’s anti-white hate church, he really needs to reach out to white people now. But will they respond? Not this white person. And hopefully not the white people in PA. Barack Obama is going to have to score better than 37 to win the trust of white people now.

Spare us – Obama bowls a 37 in campaign stop

Barack Obama goes Bowling


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  1. Ashley on

    lol…go Obama 🙂

  2. Ashley on

    How are you relating the wonderful sport of bowling to the Caucasian race. Everyone loves bowling (including Obama obviously.–practice makes perfect!!). I’m on a partial bowling scholarship at my University and 85% of my counterparts are minorities. The diversity when we have college tournaments? Probably the same thing. Try again buddy 🙂

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