Barack Obama Elitist and Arrogant

You know, we already have one arrogant president — we don’t need another. Barack Obama keeps trying to deflect the damage from his “Small town white folks” insults. Clinton and McCain both bitch-slapped him and first he tried the old the ‘shame on her’ routine. Now the arrogant senator is calling their bitch-slap “political silly season”. He keeps digging himself in a deeper hole with this.

Not once has he actually apologized for offending anyone with his statements. He said “I didn’t say it as well as I should have”. But that is not the same as issuing an apology for an offensive comment. He would not even had tried that attempt at retraction if he hadn’t been caught red mouthed making the comment. So rather than do the right thing and specifically apologize for offending anyone, he just continues to attempt lame damage control techniques. We see through you Brackie!

Obama calls elitism attack political silly season

Barack Obama


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  1. […] Obama is often attacked as an elitist (See also here, here, here, here, and here). It’s an easy charge to make for some people. Obama was the first black president of the […]

  2. Marcus on

    You cant be serious about this. The Clintons are worth 100+ million. The Mccains are also worth 100+ millions. The Obamas just payed off their student loans 3 years ago, so you tell me who the elitist are. His upbringing doesnt even put him in this category, especially when he was raised by a single parent on food stamps. Ask hilary and john about their upbringing. Please, find another reason.

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