Barack Obama lies about Ayers Relationship

Now the dust has settled a bit from that debate, let’s make sure those facts stay in the daylight.  When Barack Obama was confronted about his relationship with 60’s communist radical William Ayers, he tried to pretend they were just casual acquaintances.   According to Obama, Ayers is a “guy who lives in my neighborhood”.  Yeah, nice try Barack Obama.  According to this Associated Press article:

…..both men served together on the board of the Woods Fund, a Chicago-based charity that develops community groups to help the poor. Ayers joined the board in 1999 and is still on it. Obama left it in December 2002 after nine years.

That doesn’t sound like some he just knows from the ‘hood does it?

Someone asked me why I beat up on Obama so much.  Well it’s my blog and I don’t like him – that’s why.  And now it looks like Hillary is out of the picture. Unofficially, the delegate count is working against her.  She just isn’t getting the support from the Democrats she needed. They’re all too drunk on Obama’s Communist Kool Aid. In the meantime, we might be in the last days of the democratic food fight so we might as well enjoy it. 

Obama, Clinton and the Weather Underground

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  1. loomisnews on

    You’re nuts. Obama doesn’t even know what Ayers is a professor of at the university.

    He said Ayers was a professor of ENGLISH.

    Get over the ’60s already, you lost. Just look at TV

  2. There people are so full of themselves. David Horowitz after interviewing Bill Ayers for 10 hours said, “What I saw was a shallowness beyond conception”.

    Bernadine Dohrn at the Flint Michigan Weatherman “war council” famously stated regarding the Manson slayings,

    “Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!”

    These people worship Lenin, Stalin, Mao and according to one of Bill’s blog entries; “Capitalism is exhausted as a force for progress: built on exploitation, theft, conquest, war, and racism”

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