Barack Obama Backpedals on Wright

Oh this is getting fun.   Let’s recap: First Barack Obama attends a hate church (aka Black Power church) that teaches hatred for whites and hatred for America. He does this for 20 some odd years with Jeremiah Wright at the pulpit.  Then the media digs that story out.  America points a middle finger at Brackie. Barack Obama gives speech on race where he says he doesn’t always agree with Wright in a lame attempt to soften the impact.  Then Wright appears on various media outlets spouting more hatred and again tries to add the hate under the “Black Church” cover.  Now Brackie tries to dump him completely.

Sorry Barack Obama.  No go.  One cannot reconcile the timing of this with respect to the 20 years you spent in his congregation and the ‘landmark’ speech you gave on race where you showed acceptance to him.  This is exactly the type of flip flopping you see with any old politician.  Maybe he should have just left well enough alone and ignored the media blitz by Wright and his hateful cronies.  There are many things Barack Obama should have just ignored  (including Hillary’s jib jabs) to show that he is above the pettiness as he said he was going to be.  Sorry Barack, you’re just another senator with the same old flip flopping “say what ever pleases” mentality of the rest.  Dismissed.

Taking Sharp Tone, Obama Breaks With Ex-Pastor

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