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Illegal Aliens in Aurora Village

I live north of Seattle. Seattle is like hell for me because I tend to lean conservative and this place is as liberal as they come. So I am exploring options. In the meantime, we have Aurora Village. It’s near the King County line and it has Costco, Home Depot and a few other businesses. It’s also loaded with illegal aliens. Here are some photos I snapped today.

The place feels creepy. I mean the parking lot is absolutely loaded with these guys. The photos are only a sample. While I was snapping these one of them who was walking nearby my vehicle saw what I was doing and started grinning from ear to ear. I wonder what he thought was so funny?

I’ve never done a head count, but at any given morning, I would say there were 50 to 75 workers lining this lot. Most of them are Hispanic; the vast majority. I see an Asian or Caucasian once in awhile but 95% or more are Hispanic. Apparently white contractors hire them and pay them under the table. Oh and those contractors won’t be laughing either if the IRS catches them. Maybe sometime when I have more time, I’ll ‘camp out’ and photograph anyone who hires them and zoom in on their license plate.

The only thing ‘offlicial’ thing I could find was this blurb written by some Hispanic woman. She of course omits the illegalities and improper hiring going on here. This part is a hoot. Now I know why the Hispanics stare me down each time I drive by!

Eighty percent of the contractors are white; a few of them are Asian and Hispanic. According to the men, the white contractors are the best to work with and the worst are the ones of their own race.

Day laborers looking for work, cash