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DC Madam Hated Prison

The (in)famous DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey who was to sentenced in June, hanged herself. She apparently did this to avoid going back to prison.  A writer by the name of Dan Moldea who had interviewed the madam for a possible book deal, said that she told him she was going to do that.

Moldea said that, in three interviews last spring and summer, after she was indicted, Palfrey told him: “I’m not going back to jail. I’ll kill myself first. I’ll commit suicide before I go back to jail.”

She would have been facing a probable federal prison term of at least 4 years due to sentencing guidlines.  It’s sad when someone has to make that choice between life and prison.  It is after all, the worlds oldest profession and it shows no sign of going away.

The Scandal Story With a Most Unhappy Ending

eborah Jeane Palfrey



You’re Free to go…No Wait

Sara Jane Olson – the 70’s hippie bank robber – was released from prison last week. But apparently the prison system is so screwed up, even the corrections people can’t get it right.  Even with a high profile case like Olson’s. It makes you wonder how many other parole cases corrections people are screwing up and releasing early? Like much more dangerous criminals?  Anyway, Happy Easter Sara! (hehe)

Days after her release on parole, a former 1970s radical who had hidden as a fugitive for years was arrested Saturday and returned to prison to serve at least one more year. Corrections officials said a miscalculation resulted in her early release. Criticism that followed Sara Jane Olson’s release on Monday spurred a thorough review of her sentence and the timing of her parole, Chief Deputy Secretary Scott Kernan said at a news conference. Officials discovered a 2004 miscalculation that resulted in the former Symbionese Liberation Army member being released a year too early, he said.

1970s Radical Is Returned To Prison Days After Release

Sara Jane Olson

Corrupt Connecticut Prosecutor David J. Smith Promoted?

Earlier this year, I was both amazed and appalled by the Julie Amero case. It was the case where the substitute school teacher had spyware based porn popups on her classroom computer. It was a classic case of government overstepping its bounds and punishing someone for something they had no control over. She was convicted of risk of injury to a minor but it was later overturned and she was granted a new trial. You can read about the case at the Julie Amero Wikipedia Page.

It’s one of those cases that makes one angry at government run amok. So far there has been no news of a new trial. Gradually I forgot about the case. But it managed to resurface in a news article today. Strangely enough, it resurfaced in an article about those Aqua Dots toys laced with Date Rape drugs. Can’t recall the article location, but the author was comparing that situation to the Amero case as in “is the government going to arrest all the parents who gave their kids date rape drugs?” then went on to cite the Amero case.

There is a Blog kept by Amero and also a MySpace group devoted to the case. Neither one seems to have much activity since early summer so I guess that means no new trial. Perhaps the prosecution in this case might like to make this go away?

The actual prosecutor was a certain David J. Smith who seems to have moved on to the Connecticut State Atty General office. In retrospect this looks like a ‘railroad case’ much like the higher profile Duke Rape case. It’s full of suspicious characters on the side of the prosecution like the investigator who admitted to drinking on the job and the prosecutor David J. Smith who suppressed evidence in a previous case.

Why has this prosecutor David J. Smith not been investigated? Not only has he not been investigated or punished, but it looks as though David J. Smith has received a promotion since this case! They basically ruined someone’s life. In their zeal to control child porn, they got carried away and forgot to stay within the law. And he gets promoted after that? Is the CT AG corrupt as well?

Should we have Senior Prisons?

Today George Ryan, the former governor of Illinois, is reporting to prison. More specifically, Club Fed aka Federal Prison. He is reporting to serve a 6+ year sentence for racketeering and whatever else they pinned on him. Personally, I think someone in the Feds had it out for him because he cleared Death Row before he left office. That act was certainly controversial to say the least. It would not surprise me if there is some untold story here. Some prosecutor with an agenda dredged up a bunch of stuff and set him up? Ah, the stuff movies are made of.

But I digress. What about George Ryan’s age of 73? How good is it to put him in a prison with a general prison population at his age? Even a 6 year sentence could be a life sentence considering the additional stress that going to prison places on a person. Evidence is pointing to the prison population having an ever increasing percentage of seniors. Aside from the high profile ones we’ve seen like 66 year old Bernard Ebbers serving a 25 year term and 63 year old Conrad Black who will be sentenced in a few weeks, there’s a trend toward older prisoners across the board. Oh and then we have the extreme case of 83 Year old John Rigas (of Adephia) who is in Club Fed until 2020. Do the math there – he’ll likely die in prison.

Aside from the questionable ethics of imprisoning non violent offenders without regard to the time they have left in this life, what about the costs? It’s a fact that seniors have medical issues well beyond what the younger prisoners will have. Prisons have not exactly been outstanding in their health care so how will they deal with the added burden of senior inmates?

If the U.S. is going to keep throwing people in prison and they have to keep building more prisons, should they consider a senior prison where they could specialize in caring for the seniors? Nah …that would make too much sense!

If you would like to drop Mr. Ryan a Card:

GEORGE H RYAN  16627-424
P.O. BOX 1085
OXFORD, WI  53952 

Former Ill. Governor Headed to Prison

George Ryan Prisonbound

So which is the Greater Risk?

Child molesters – ChiMoes.  They are one of the few groups for which the law has found it necessary to continue punitive measures long after they have served their time. Among these are restrictions are where they can / cannot live.  Consider the California Law:

Jessica’s Law, approved by 70 percent of California voters a year ago, bars registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park where children gather.

It’s interesting to note, such measures do not exist for murderers. Murderers can live next door to a school and there is no ‘murderer registry’ that I am aware of. So which is worse? Having a ChiMoe next door or a Murderer? Or wouldn’t it be helpful in both cases to know?

That aside, Jessicas Law is going to come back to bite the California voters. When you consider how many parks there are and how many schools there are, it would severely limit the choices of where someone can live. And in this case, according to this article, it causes the ChiMoes to go homeless and disappear from view. So which is worse: Having the ChiMoe living near a school and knowing about it or having the ChiMoe invisibly roaming the streets? The first time we have some ChiMoe who disappeared from view due to homelessness and then re-offends, perhaps the voters will realize that this was not very well thought out.

California’s law requires parolees to live in the county of their last legal residence. But in San Francisco, for example, all homes are within 2,000 feet of a school or park.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not in defense of ChiMoes. But isn’t it better to keep track of them than have them living in the woods where no one knows about them — until it’s too late?

Calif. Offenders Say They Are Homeless

Chester the Molester