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McClellan Writes Tell-all of things we Already Knew

There’s nothing worse than a lying snitch. But lying snitches sell books! An unfortunately a lot of people will by Scott McClellan’s book and feed his bank account. The book essentially says what has been obvious all along to anyone with any critical thinking skills. So he lied to American people while he was press secretary and now wants to come clean? I for one am not buying the “we were misled” excuse from him any more than I buy it from Hillary Clinton or any other senator who authorized that war. As for the book, well… I will wait the year or so until this book shows up the public library system – then maybe I’ll read it.

McClellan whacks Bush, White House

Scott McClellan


Associated Press – Lies of Omission

How many times have you read something in the common news media (most notably the ‘news briefs’ or summaries) where you just know there is more to the story than is being told?  In fact, you are left with the feeling that the story is only half told and there are details so conspicuously missing that the press may as well have not reported it all. 

Such is the case with story #1 below.  It’s an Associated Press short (delivered via ABC News) which reports little beyond its actual title.  It reports the incident standalone, as though this man were sentenced to 35 years for some sort of isolated incident.  If you just read that alone, you tend to go: whoa — wait a minute, that’s a pretty harsh sentence for spitting. Especially since (in general) HIV is not known to be transmitted via saliva.

However, if you read the local news sources (see #2), the title is nearly identical, but it tells a much different story. The man in question has a history of spitting at cops and also a prison record where he has a history of biting other inmates.  It also points out that the man used his HIV as an weapon by verbally announcing he had AIDS before he spit on the officer.  That’s intent and that’s a different story completely. Perhaps not a bad sentence after all!  Although there might an argument in favor of placing this person in an institution for the criminally insane for 35 years rather than regular prison.  But the point is: The mainstream media lies with lies of omission and this is a classic example.

1) HIV-Positive Man Sentenced 35 Years for Spitting at Officer

2) HIV-positive man gets 35 years for spitting on Dallas police officer

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Hillary Cries Foul in Media Bias

Hillary Clinton cries: MEDIA BIAS in favor of Obama. How very true but how very late she is to bring this to the forefront! The damage from slanted media coverage in favor of Obama has already been done. People have already drank his pleasant sounding, but poisonous Koolaid. Largely due to the absence of criticism in the media against Obama, he is always managing to come up smelling like roses. And the New York Times is one of the biggest offenders. This article entitled McCain Criticizes Obama on Al Qaeda really ends up being the other way around: Obama criticizing McCain and getting the ‘last word’ in the article. This is what I am seeing so much of: the ‘last word trick’. Even when the article bears a criticism of Obama, he manages to get the last paragraph in a positive tone. Media bias indeed and shame on the MSM!

Clinton accuses media of pro-Obama bias at debate

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Barack Obama has no Accomplishments and Watson Proves it!

State Senator Kirk Watson of Texas proved a favorite talking point of mine: that Barack Obama has no significant accomplishments to prove that he can lead this country. He was grilled on MSNBC and choked really bad when asked point blank:

Well, name some of his legislative accomplishments. No, Senator, I want you to name some of Barack Obama’s legislative accomplishments tonight if you can.

The response was a bumbling cover up of the fact that he couldn’t think of a thing! Read it at Ed Morrissey and weep you Bammites!

Even more pathetic was Kirk Watson’s attempt at reconciling his bumble. He uses the old “mind went blank” excuse and procedes to list off a few of Obama’s perceived accomplishments. Even the ones he listed are vague ones at that. It’s kind of like the kid that flunks the test and goes to look up the answers later. Then he gives them to the teacher long after the test is over. Doesn’t count SON!

Kirk Watson

New York Times Gets Egg on Face Again

With the McCain story, once again we see what a sleazy news reporting agency the New York Times has turned into. The so called affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman is not based on any fact, but hearsay. The New York Times based their whole story on the fact that “top advisors” in the McCain campaign were convinced that there was some romantic thing going on. No proof. No hard facts. Just gossip. The New York Times might as well report news from the office water cooler. They’re starting to look like the National Enquirer and have just about as much credibility.

New York Times

Associated Press Disses Romney

This article called ‘Key Tenets of Mormon Faith‘ appeared in yesterdays mainstream news roundup. My what timing. On the heels of Romney’s win in Michigan, we get this article which doesn’t mention Romney by name, but goes out of its way to point out the differences been Mormonism and Christianity. It should be called: Mormon Faith versus Christianity. By way of this well timed article, the Associated Press effectively stabs Mitt Romney in the back. Now that’s fair journalism! This article is just plain bad taste and journalistic manipulation. Its purpose it is clear: scare Christian voters away from Romney.

Mitt Romney

Huffington Illustrates Free Press Pass for Obama

Arianna Huffington wrote this scathing post on Hillary Clinton’s sudden shift to defensive position.

She takes six talking points (made especially for an anti-Hillary piece) and blows them up. Now I don’t necessarily disagree with a criticism of Hillary (after all she is a portrait in cynicism), but this article illustrates the ‘free press pass’ that Obama has been getting. “Where’s the Beef” indeed? Where’s the criticism of Barack Obama? It’s completely lacking from the mainstream media of which I consider Huffington Post to be part of.

Is Barack Obama above criticism? I doubt it. There are some valid concerns when looking at Barack Obama, most notably his lack of leadership experience. This issue continues to get brushed under the rug by Obama’s starry eyed supporters and Democrats in general. But I hardly ever see mainstream media articles that draw a negative slant on Barack Obama (outside of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and other conversative sources.). I can say this: Barack Obama had better enjoy his free press pass while he has it. Now that he’s front runner status, the Republicans will be taking aim and I can guarantee they won’t conveniently cover up the lack of experience with Obama.


Michael Bloomberg Rumors

Rumors have been swirling about Michael Bloomberg jumping in the [already crowded] presidential ring as a possible 3rd party candidate. Just yesterday, this article appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Is the time right for a 3rd party candidate?

History says it’s not very likely. The last time a 3rd party candidate took the presidency was 1860 when Lincoln and his Republicans supplanted the Whigs. At the time, apparently, the Republicans were a minor party. Hasn’t happened since. There’s been some attempts recently: Jesse Jackson 1988, Ross Perot 1992, Ralph Nader 2000, to name a few. But we know how those ended up. In those cases, they got some recognition and perhaps a footnote in the history books. If that’s all you’re after, Mr. Bloomberg, then fine, because that’s probably all you’ll get.

He is billing himself as a Centrist. Trouble is, he’s been a Democrat, a Republican, and now an Independent. While he says he’s had trouble with both parties (which I can understand), this might be seen as a weakness. An indecisiveness.

Well the other thing you get from running as a 3rd party of course is the “spoiler effect”. Such as was the case with Nader in 2000. But where these rumors keep coming from who knows? Bloomberg himself very specifically denies that he plans to run:

“I’m not going to be a candidate,” he told NBC’s “Today Show.” “I am not a candidate.”

There, doesn’t that end that? Doesn’t make the Bloomberg about as likely as a Gore run?

Bloomberg says not presidential candidate


Homeless People are Problem People

The common media would have us feel sorry for homeless people. If you Google news “homeless”, you’ll see all sorts of ‘Boo Hoo’ stories about this ‘problem’ called homelessness. The problem? Is homelessness in itself a problem or it is just a collection of ‘problem people’ (people with severe problems) that make up the collective problem of homelessness. I think the latter.

Consider the the homeless man who stabbed a woman to death, the homeless man who used the church phone for a sex line, the homeless cop killer, the homeless brutal rapist, And of course, the homeless sex offenders. These are just a few recent stories.

It’s true that you can take any group of people and find criminal elements among them. However, homeless people have at least their share. Even the famous “homeless guy” Kevin Barbieux, admits that most homeless people have some form of dehabilitating and/or sociopathic mental illness. So homeless people are not necessarily going to be docile and harmless.

At the same time, the ‘problem’ is not going away any time soon. Most so called solutions try to fix the problem from the outside (more housing, housing vouchers, free meals, etc) rather than from the inside (helping to fix the ‘problem people’ by getting them to become self sufficient).

Homeless Cop Killer

I am the Walrus

Alaska Walruses are the latest ‘victims’ of the global warming catastrophe.  They are showing up on Alaska beaches in great numbers due to the lack of ice floes. The junk science that blames global warming on humans seems to bleed through to the media in articles like this.  Media-fed hysteria fuels this hysteria and feeds on itself. Global warming is not a settled science due to the long cycles of climate change over thousands (or even millions) of years; patterns that our recorded weather pattern history doesn’t know about.  Maybe the walruses did this before the last ice age or glaciation period?

Receding Ice Displaces Alaska Walrus

walrus family