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Tax Rebates Dubya – One Trick Pony

Ok, here we go again, another year another recession. This one seems hazardous due to the subprime issue as added factor. So here comes George to the rescue again. I smell another Tax Rebate. You might say, hey Stuck N Middle, do you look a gift horse in the mouth?

There are bigger issues at stake here than a temporary check. At least this time, here are tax incentives for Small Businesses being discussed although there are no detail. Why do I smell a rebate? Because of this:

Bush also said the economic package must include “rapid income tax relief” for consumers to “lift our economy at a time when people otherwise might spend less.”

In other words, here’s some money, spend it. Gotta love it. The people that need it the most, will likely use it on their debt. At least the prudent people will. Those other people are the ones Georgie is hoping for. So since he added something about tax incentives for Small Businesses this time, I guess we can’t call him a one trick tax rebate pony anymore. So pony up to the pony everyone: get ready to spent that rebate!

Bush calls for quick, temporary tax relief to spur economy

Hyena Bush


Anti Iran Rhetoric – Haven’t we Been here Before?

Anti Iran sentiments have been spouting from GOP mouths of late and I am having Deja Vu sessions.  I remember 2002; ahhh… seems like it was just yesterday.  The Anti Iraq brouhaha was ramping up fresh on the heals of 9/11.  I remember thinking at the time; they can’t be serious.  Surely, Congress will not let BushCo get away with this!

But congress caved in, betrayed the American people, and authorized that illegitimate war.  Surely they won’t let him get away with it again? Fooled us once?  Or will they? Fooled us twice. How many times can the US afford to be fooled? 

BushCo is in the lame duck days, but it still has GOP Support.  At the very least, there should be some very loud arguments about any military action against Iran at this point.  Last I read, opinions of Congress and Bush are at all time lows.  The best thing this Doolittle congress could do is stall the situation out until BushCo expires. Then take it up with Romney or Giuliani.

Anti-Iran Rhetoric Raises UN Concerns

Scary Bush

The Congressional Disadvantage

Elections 2008: Oh the drama! The excitement! The anticipation of good things to come. Ah yes, the formation has begun and the media cacophony is getting louder. But how about some reality in all this noise? Let’s look for a minute at the presidents going all the way back to around 1900 (no point in going back further than that, is there?). Look at the highest level position they held prior to becoming president:

Bush (George W) – Governor
Clinton – Governor
Bush (George HW) – Vice President
Reagan – Governor
Carter – Governor
Ford – Vice President
Nixon – Vice President
Johnson – Vice President
Kennedy – Senator
Eisenhower – General
Truman – Vice President
Roosevelt (FDR) – Governor
Hoover – Sect’y of Commerce
Coolidge – Governor
Harding – Lt. Governor
Wilson – Governor
Taft – Sect’y of War
Roosevelt (T) – Governor
McKinley – Governor

What do you see there? I see a mostly Governors and Vice Presidents and relatively few exceptions. Eisenhower had ‘hero’ status from World War II and that was his ‘ride to the top’. There were a couple of Secretaries in there and even a Lt. Governor. How many senators? Hmmm…just a lone senator: JFK. How many representatives? Hmmmm…zilch. So historically speaking we can say that at least based on the last 110 years, positions in Congress do not provide good launching pads for presidents.

Now look at the current list of Presidential contenders (link to Washington Post list). What do you see there? I see lots of Senators (former and current) and even a few Representatives. Next next next… hmmm. We know Cheney is not running so that leaves out any VP’s this time around. If we use the Congressional factor as a likely disqualifier, that clears most of the field. That clears out Billary. That clears out the media darling Obama. That clears out the dark horse Ron Paul. And that leaves:

On the Democratic side:
Bill Richardson (Governor of NM)

On the Republican side:
Mitt Romney (former Governor of MA)
Mike Huckabee (Governor of AR)
Rudy Giuliani (Wildcard ex Mayor of NY under extraordinary circumstances)

Tada! Whew, that certainly changes the landscape from the one the media presents, doesn’t it? Silly me, changing the qualified candidate list with this criteria. Silly maybe, but the past backs me up. What does the past 110 years tell us? That the US voting majority prefers the experience coming from a job like Governor or Vice President over Congressional experience. They see that Governors and VPs have demonstrated leadership in high positions. And they see that Congressional jobs do not demonstrate leadership.

Indeed, what did the 109th Congress get done that was significant? What has the 110th Congress accomplished?

Anyway, will the DNC see this? Doubtful. They’re too focused on Bamery and perhaps keeping an eye on Edwards. Let’s see, early prediction for ticket: Romney versus Clinton or Romney versus Obama. Landslide in favor of Romney either way! You read it here first folks. :-0