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Barack Obama is Bisexual and Snorts Cocaine

Or so says Larry Sinclair, who makes that claim about Barack Obama. According to Mr. Sinclair, the two met in November of 1999 while Sinclair was a limo driver. This was when Obama was in the Illinois State Senate. Sinclair claims he administered oral sex to Barack Obama and the two of them did a line or two of coke.

But wait – that’s not all! Sinclair also points the finger of blame toward Obama for the murder of Donald Young who was a prominent member of Obama’s hate church. What is interesting about the latter part is that Donald Young was gay and Sinclair believed Young had a very close relationship with Barack Obama. You can read the rest of his story at his blog:

Official Obama Drug Scandal Weblog

These are exactly the kinds of skeletons I would expect to crawl out of Barack Obama’s closet. Unfortunately, the story just sits out there on its own – without any evidence or support to lend crediblity to it. Hard evidence for such a story – at least the sex and drug encounter part – would be difficult to come by since that encounter allegedly happened almost 10 years ago. The only thing that could give the story legs would be if other drug users from that period of time surfaced with similar encounter stories. And they would need to have no connection to Mr. Sinclair. The Donald Young part however, is recent.  Young was murdered in Decemeber of 2007. 

 But it is what it is; someone’s account of something and good for chuckle! Picturing Barack Obama in a limo receiving oral sex (from a male) and doing a snort is about the exact impression I have of him.

Obama and Drug Dealer


Barack Obama has no Accomplishments and Watson Proves it!

State Senator Kirk Watson of Texas proved a favorite talking point of mine: that Barack Obama has no significant accomplishments to prove that he can lead this country. He was grilled on MSNBC and choked really bad when asked point blank:

Well, name some of his legislative accomplishments. No, Senator, I want you to name some of Barack Obama’s legislative accomplishments tonight if you can.

The response was a bumbling cover up of the fact that he couldn’t think of a thing! Read it at Ed Morrissey and weep you Bammites!

Even more pathetic was Kirk Watson’s attempt at reconciling his bumble. He uses the old “mind went blank” excuse and procedes to list off a few of Obama’s perceived accomplishments. Even the ones he listed are vague ones at that. It’s kind of like the kid that flunks the test and goes to look up the answers later. Then he gives them to the teacher long after the test is over. Doesn’t count SON!

Kirk Watson

Demented Canadian Santa Claus

Talk about a “nasty Santa”. Someone in the Canadian force of Santas who write letters to children went wrong, very wrong. Canada Post employees and volunteers write these letters but someone decided to write obscene letters to kids instead of a good Santa letter. That is so wrong. You know the Christmas holiday has run its course when you read something like this, eh?

Canada seeks author of nasty letters from Santa

Who's your Santa

Sick Person

Very very sick young man!  What the hell is wrong with this young man. He’s a decent looking fellow and must certainly be able to attract ‘live’ women.  This is the kind of thing someone does when they’re inebriated.  The ordinary henries (hornies) don’t account for having sex with a dead woman (a 92 year old dead woman)!

A part-time lab technician at Holy Name Hospital was caught having sex with the body of a 92-year-old woman in the hospital’s morgue, authorities said Monday.

Man allegedly violated corpse

Sick Fuk

Larry Craig, Senator from the State of Denial

Larry Craig is someone who has tumbled off that precipice of high ranking office to the depths of ‘has been’ land in a very short time.  It’s degrading to watch him try to claw his way back up that precipice with all these strange maneuvers. First the hoping it would go away and all the flip flopping after that.  He was going to resign September 30, no wait, he changed his mind.  Then the legal challenges to reverse his guilty plea. The first one didn’t work as expected so now he’s digging up first amendment constitutional rights and error on the part of the judge. According to the AP article below:

Craig’s legal arguments are previewed in a “statement of the case” filed late Thursday. In addition to the constitutional argument, it says the judge erred by not allowing Craig to withdraw his plea, and that the judge who sentenced Craig to a fine and probation never signed anything saying he accepted the guilty plea.

Mr. Craig, that was YOUR guilty plea, not the judges, nor the arresting officer. I’m not sure about that last part (never signing anything) or what it means, but we shall see what happens. He’s pursuing all these legal channels to ‘clear his name’. But even in the unlikely event that Craig gets his guilty plea reversed, his name will not be cleared. There are too many questions: Too many flip flops, too many rumors and even a I had sex with Larry Craig story (warning it’s a dirty story) for his name to ever get cleared at this point. It was the Foley-esque story of the year. The big difference being of course, Mark Foley admitted his wrongdoing and went limping away. Larry Craig on the other hand is in a continuing state of denial and at the end of the day, people are still going to be bothered by these unanswered questions and flip flops.

Craig to Make Constitutional Argument

Senator Craig

How can Rudy Brush this Under The Rug?

Rudy Giuliani in drag canoodling with Donald Trump. Has anyone from the Rudy camp explained this video? Or is it just left to be posted on realist blogs like this one where we can see the true colors of these clowns. In this case, rouge on light purple dress is the color!

Star Simpson – Stupid or Very Smart?

Now why would anyone go into an airport wearing a fake (but authentic looking) bomb device attached to her jacket? Star Simpson (move over OJ, there’s another Simpson in the news) did just that and of course this has been all over the news so I won’t rehash the details.

Either this chick is incredibly stupid or very smart. I go with the very smart. I mean I don’t know her or anything and there are after all, a lot of very stoooopid people in this world. But this one is a MIT student. MIT is no Harvard, but not just anyone can get in.

So I vote for very smart about 15 minutes of fame but not very smart about her future. What do you do when you want to get noticed and get your name in the news? Do something outrageous like this: that’s what.

Unfortunately, this gives her at the very least an arrest record and depending on how this goes, possibly a felony. True, she’s got everyone talking and that’s great for now. But what is going to do for her future? I wonder if she’s going to go into tech designer clothing and use this as a career launch?

So far, Ms. Simpson has been mum, so we must wait and see if she dumb or smart.

MIT student arrested for wearing circuit fashion

Star Simpson