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McClellan Writes Tell-all of things we Already Knew

There’s nothing worse than a lying snitch. But lying snitches sell books! An unfortunately a lot of people will by Scott McClellan’s book and feed his bank account. The book essentially says what has been obvious all along to anyone with any critical thinking skills. So he lied to American people while he was press secretary and now wants to come clean? I for one am not buying the “we were misled” excuse from him any more than I buy it from Hillary Clinton or any other senator who authorized that war. As for the book, well… I will wait the year or so until this book shows up the public library system – then maybe I’ll read it.

McClellan whacks Bush, White House

Scott McClellan


People Still Want Ron Paul

Today we were driving our neighborhood and noticed that, yes, a few new Ron Paul 2008 signs had sprung up. Umm. Even though under the current system, he can’t win the nomination – unless: McCain were to kick the bucket between now and the RNC. I mean, the guy is going on 72 and that is a possibility. I wonder if that’s the hope Paul is clinging to? Now Ron Paul is even older than McCain. He will be 73 in August.

I find it interesting that people are still springing up signs for him. Shows what happens when you dress a Libertarian up in the Republican outfit. Years ago, Ron Paul ran under the Libertarian flag and at some point decided to be a Republican. So he is still delivering the basic same message only as a Republican. And now he has a small but vocal and noticeable following that he never enjoyed as a Libertarian. So I guess the same words coming from a Republican mean something different than if they were coming from a Libertarian?

Ron Paul

Old Story, New Evidence: Obama can’t get things done

Here’s a story that surfaced about the one and only time Obama worked with McCain in the senate. A few years ago Obama approached McCain with the idea the 2 would work on ethics and lobbying reform. Initially McCain liked the idea, but the ‘project’ only lasted a week before falling apart. One week? I suppose this what we can expect from Obama as a president. Lots of grand ideas and talk but little or no action. The fact that Obama-Loonies seem to brush under the carpet is that Obama doesn’t have ANY significant accomplishments in the Senate. He has only been the senate a short while and for much of that time, he’s been busy campaigning for president. Ha!

Obama, McCain Forged Fleeting Alliance

McCain Feingold Obama

Funky McCain Delegate Math

From the LA Times:

Romney won about 280 delegates who will now be urged to back McCain, who began the day with 843 delegates. Huckabee had 242 delegates and Texas Rep. Ron Paul had 14. The Romney delegates would be enough to put McCain past the 1,191 delegates needed for the GOP nomination. Romney urged his delegates to back McCain, though each delegate will make his or her own decision.

843 + 280 does not equal or exceed 1191. It comes close at 1123. Does someone need to work on their math or is there something I am not seeing here? Something is not being reported. They must be assuming he in the process of getting other non committed delegates.

Romney endorses McCain

McCain Math

McCain’s Age and his Veep

Ronald Reagan presently holds the record for being the oldest president upon taking office. He was just a few weeks short of his 70th birthday on January 20, 1981. That record could be shot down if McCain were to go on to be president. With a DOB of 8/29/36, McCain will be 72 next January – the month he would take office.

Sugar coat it any way you want but he’s old. Old as the hills, old as dirt, oldie olson, etc. Let’s face it, at that age, he can die any time. That makes the choice of VP all the more important. McCain’s VP will need to be ready to step in handily and steadily if McCain’s time is up during his term. McCain has not dropped any names but AZ Central drew up this composite of the choice:

  • Come from outside of Washington and probably be a governor. That would offset McCain’s 25 years as a senator and congressman on Capitol Hill and his lack of executive-branch experience.
  • Be more conservative than McCain, who faces ongoing criticism from the political right for his past cooperation with Democrats on issues such as immigration reform and campaign-finance law. Someone on good terms with the evangelical Christian community might help, too.
  • The candidate probably will hail from the East, more likely the South.
  • The candidate likely will be younger than McCain, who will turn 72 in August.

Hmm. That sounds like Huckabee. Huckabee is still in the race and people are wondering why. Perhaps he’s trying to set himself up for a VP spot and then pop in as president if and when the old man dies? Interesting scenario. The last time a president died in office (of something other than assasination) is 1945 (Roosevelt in his 4th term).

Getting back to Reagan, I am old enough to remember his 2nd term and it wasn’t a pretty sight. There was some evidence that Alzheimers was already setting in during that term. Had YouTube been around in those days, you would have seen videos of him stumbling and forgetting lines in speeches. A 2nd term for McCain would be even more of an Oldie Olson affair. Just sayin.

Who will be McCain’s VP choice

Huck and Mccain

Raising McCain

The Congressional Disadvantage may be moot if McCain wins the GOP nomination. Then it will probably be senator versus senator. That would be the first time that’s happened for at last 100 years according to my post referenced above. With the Democratic race reduced to two players effectively, the unlikely McCain would be at an advantage. But there’s a lot of ground between now and the RNC not the least of which is upcoming Super Tuesday. What will the election 2008 landscape look like after next Tuesday? I grow weary of 2nd guessing. Who’s your daddy?

McCain Bush

McCain Rips off 2004 Bush Ad

Oh those original GOP guys. Here is McCain’s ‘Mittsurfing’ ad.

Funny, it looks very much like George Bush’s 2004 ad against Kerry.

Couldn’t McCain’s ad people at least come up with a different tune to play than Blue Danube? Double F minus – 1 for lack of originality and 1 for stealing from the President. It was a pretty funny and original ad (in 2004). Did McCain think no one would notice?

Romney Kisses Bush Arse

While most politicians (even on the GOP side) these days are distancing themselves from Bush, Romney suddenly starts kissing up to him. I wonder if that’s going to be the ‘ass kiss’ of death for Mitt? Romney has tried to bill himself as an agent of change and wanting to fix a “broken Washington” but Bush is a very LARGE part of that problem. Licking up to him is not looking very good and it particularly doesn’t look good when Bush is one of the least popular presidents EVER. It further looks bad when you are supposed to be talking change. Now that’s what I call talking out of both sides of the mouth! At least he can get the backing of the few Bush loyalists left.

Romney praises Bush

Romney Burgers

Tax Rebates Dubya – One Trick Pony

Ok, here we go again, another year another recession. This one seems hazardous due to the subprime issue as added factor. So here comes George to the rescue again. I smell another Tax Rebate. You might say, hey Stuck N Middle, do you look a gift horse in the mouth?

There are bigger issues at stake here than a temporary check. At least this time, here are tax incentives for Small Businesses being discussed although there are no detail. Why do I smell a rebate? Because of this:

Bush also said the economic package must include “rapid income tax relief” for consumers to “lift our economy at a time when people otherwise might spend less.”

In other words, here’s some money, spend it. Gotta love it. The people that need it the most, will likely use it on their debt. At least the prudent people will. Those other people are the ones Georgie is hoping for. So since he added something about tax incentives for Small Businesses this time, I guess we can’t call him a one trick tax rebate pony anymore. So pony up to the pony everyone: get ready to spent that rebate!

Bush calls for quick, temporary tax relief to spur economy

Hyena Bush

Associated Press Disses Romney

This article called ‘Key Tenets of Mormon Faith‘ appeared in yesterdays mainstream news roundup. My what timing. On the heels of Romney’s win in Michigan, we get this article which doesn’t mention Romney by name, but goes out of its way to point out the differences been Mormonism and Christianity. It should be called: Mormon Faith versus Christianity. By way of this well timed article, the Associated Press effectively stabs Mitt Romney in the back. Now that’s fair journalism! This article is just plain bad taste and journalistic manipulation. Its purpose it is clear: scare Christian voters away from Romney.

Mitt Romney