Obama Insults White People Again, Gets Caught

Well once again, Barack Obama shows his disdain for white people with his remarks at a closed SF fundraiser.

You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them, and it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations. blah blah

This is not the first time he has marginalized white people in his speeches. The worst part of this is that it was spewed in front of a crowd of wealthy California communist liberals. It was an event that, like many of Barack Obama’s fundraisers, was closed to the media. Too bad it leaked. Or should I say, good thing it leaked! Now maybe more white people will rethink their voting preference. Barack Obama not only hates white people but he hates ‘White America’ and has showed this time and again. It will be amazing if he has any white vote left in Pennsylvania now. At least now we know why he closes those fundraisers to the media!

Oh and both Clinton and McCain called him on the carpet for this. First he tried to deflect it, but when he was busted, he tried to backpedal with the good old “I didn’t say it as well as I should have” excuse. Nice try Obama, but no go.

Clinton attacks Obama for remarks, he says he erred

Barack Speaking


Obama Fan Speak 101

John D. Rockefeller IV, who got busted saying bad things about McCain and then had to backpeddle has this to say about Obama:

Obama is simply unflappable. He takes questions carefully and makes you a believer

Translation: Obama takes all questions, carefully spins the answer into an ambiguous notion that you can derive any meaning from.

Now that is how to interpret Obama speeches! As for making me a believer: Oh no he doesn’t RockyFella.

West Virginia Senator Apologizes for Comments on McCain


Barack Obama goes Bowling; Who sees the Metaphor?

Barack Obama went bowling in Altoona, PA in hopes to show.. hmmm what? He bowled a 37 which is by all counts a horrible score. It means you can’t keep the ball near the center of the lane. 37 is the kind of score an 8 year old would get when bowling for the first time. That aside, he’s supposed to be a politician, not a bowler so one can easily forgive his lame score on the lanes.

The real metaphor here is white. Bowling is a predominantly white sport, especially in a place like Altoona. (Altoona has a 96% white population). Considering Obama’s major political blunder with Jeremiah Wright’s anti-white hate church, he really needs to reach out to white people now. But will they respond? Not this white person. And hopefully not the white people in PA. Barack Obama is going to have to score better than 37 to win the trust of white people now.

Spare us – Obama bowls a 37 in campaign stop

Barack Obama goes Bowling

People Still Want Ron Paul

Today we were driving our neighborhood and noticed that, yes, a few new Ron Paul 2008 signs had sprung up. Umm. Even though under the current system, he can’t win the nomination – unless: McCain were to kick the bucket between now and the RNC. I mean, the guy is going on 72 and that is a possibility. I wonder if that’s the hope Paul is clinging to? Now Ron Paul is even older than McCain. He will be 73 in August.

I find it interesting that people are still springing up signs for him. Shows what happens when you dress a Libertarian up in the Republican outfit. Years ago, Ron Paul ran under the Libertarian flag and at some point decided to be a Republican. So he is still delivering the basic same message only as a Republican. And now he has a small but vocal and noticeable following that he never enjoyed as a Libertarian. So I guess the same words coming from a Republican mean something different than if they were coming from a Libertarian?

Ron Paul

Old Story, New Evidence: Obama can’t get things done

Here’s a story that surfaced about the one and only time Obama worked with McCain in the senate. A few years ago Obama approached McCain with the idea the 2 would work on ethics and lobbying reform. Initially McCain liked the idea, but the ‘project’ only lasted a week before falling apart. One week? I suppose this what we can expect from Obama as a president. Lots of grand ideas and talk but little or no action. The fact that Obama-Loonies seem to brush under the carpet is that Obama doesn’t have ANY significant accomplishments in the Senate. He has only been the senate a short while and for much of that time, he’s been busy campaigning for president. Ha!

Obama, McCain Forged Fleeting Alliance

McCain Feingold Obama

Barack Obama is Bisexual and Snorts Cocaine

Or so says Larry Sinclair, who makes that claim about Barack Obama. According to Mr. Sinclair, the two met in November of 1999 while Sinclair was a limo driver. This was when Obama was in the Illinois State Senate. Sinclair claims he administered oral sex to Barack Obama and the two of them did a line or two of coke.

But wait – that’s not all! Sinclair also points the finger of blame toward Obama for the murder of Donald Young who was a prominent member of Obama’s hate church. What is interesting about the latter part is that Donald Young was gay and Sinclair believed Young had a very close relationship with Barack Obama. You can read the rest of his story at his blog:

Official Obama Drug Scandal Weblog

These are exactly the kinds of skeletons I would expect to crawl out of Barack Obama’s closet. Unfortunately, the story just sits out there on its own – without any evidence or support to lend crediblity to it. Hard evidence for such a story – at least the sex and drug encounter part – would be difficult to come by since that encounter allegedly happened almost 10 years ago. The only thing that could give the story legs would be if other drug users from that period of time surfaced with similar encounter stories. And they would need to have no connection to Mr. Sinclair. The Donald Young part however, is recent.  Young was murdered in Decemeber of 2007. 

 But it is what it is; someone’s account of something and good for chuckle! Picturing Barack Obama in a limo receiving oral sex (from a male) and doing a snort is about the exact impression I have of him.

Obama and Drug Dealer

Figures – Barack Obama wants More Government

Earlier this week John McCain stayed in the news by addressing what he feels the role of government should in addressing the mortgage crisis. Basically, he takes a hands off approach. There is some justification for this. Bailing people out who made bad decisions shouldn’t be the job of the government. What happened to personal responsibility? That’s the basis behind what McCain is saying.

Then along comes communist Barack Obama – he says to tighten government regulation on the mortgage industry. That’s just another way of saying more government control on free enterprise. That’s a typical socialist democrat way of looking at it. Cast the blame on places other than the source. I have said before and I’ll say it again ; the people who signed those mortgages didn’t do so at gunpoint. That was an uneducated move on their part and Obama would like to use our tax dollars to fund those bad moves. Where will he get the money? From Iraq?

Obama Urges Tighter Regulation in Wake of Housing Slump

Obama McCain

You’re Free to go…No Wait

Sara Jane Olson – the 70’s hippie bank robber – was released from prison last week. But apparently the prison system is so screwed up, even the corrections people can’t get it right.  Even with a high profile case like Olson’s. It makes you wonder how many other parole cases corrections people are screwing up and releasing early? Like much more dangerous criminals?  Anyway, Happy Easter Sara! (hehe)

Days after her release on parole, a former 1970s radical who had hidden as a fugitive for years was arrested Saturday and returned to prison to serve at least one more year. Corrections officials said a miscalculation resulted in her early release. Criticism that followed Sara Jane Olson’s release on Monday spurred a thorough review of her sentence and the timing of her parole, Chief Deputy Secretary Scott Kernan said at a news conference. Officials discovered a 2004 miscalculation that resulted in the former Symbionese Liberation Army member being released a year too early, he said.

1970s Radical Is Returned To Prison Days After Release

Sara Jane Olson

Barack Obama is a Racist

He is, yep yep yep. He said these words: “typical white person.” Now you might say hey wait a minute Stuck N. Middle, you’re taking that out of context. He was referencing his grandmother discussing the way she felt walking down the street. Or something like that. With every thing Obama spins, you can take it a number of ways – I’m not really sure what he was saying. I think he might have blown it and knew he blew it so he just rattled something off. The Obama damage control team tried to use a variation of the out of context excuse by saying “his intentions may have been misconstrued.” But he said what he said. He said “typical white person.”

Can you imagine a public official who is white saying something like “typical black person”? No matter what the context? They’d be fired or recalled in a New York minute. The fact of the matter is, there is something very wrong with Barack Obama bubbling just under the surface and it gives one the impression that he doesn’t have what it takes to bridge any racial gaps. Perpetuating hatred for white people is not bridging a racial gap. By bundling all white people into a “typical” statement like that, he fails to show any sensitivity to white people. What else is bubbling there? I will not vote for this racist – but I said that already. This just gives me another reason not to vote for him. We can only hope that every other “typical white person” will not vote for this person.

Obama Talks More About ‘Typical White Person’ Grandmother

Serious Obama