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Barack Obama Thinks there are 57 States

And you want this man for president? He says they’ve campaigned in 57 states. Now it’s possible that he meant some of the states were visited twice, but he said what he said. Do we want a president who doesn’t know how many states there are? 57 states. Maybe he’s thinking about Kerry Heinz 57?

Funny how the press doesn’t pick up on that. But they sure pick up on Hillary’s RFK remark. Once again we see proof of the free ride that Barack Obama is getting from the media. If you Google “Obama 57 states” in the Google news, you see mostly foreign coverage of that blooper.

Even Obama later dismissed Hillary’s RFK remark as a tired mistake: “you get careless in terms of the statements that you make” says he. Could he have been covering his own mistakes like this one? A tired mistake to think there are 57 states.


Barack Obama is a Racist

He is, yep yep yep. He said these words: “typical white person.” Now you might say hey wait a minute Stuck N. Middle, you’re taking that out of context. He was referencing his grandmother discussing the way she felt walking down the street. Or something like that. With every thing Obama spins, you can take it a number of ways – I’m not really sure what he was saying. I think he might have blown it and knew he blew it so he just rattled something off. The Obama damage control team tried to use a variation of the out of context excuse by saying “his intentions may have been misconstrued.” But he said what he said. He said “typical white person.”

Can you imagine a public official who is white saying something like “typical black person”? No matter what the context? They’d be fired or recalled in a New York minute. The fact of the matter is, there is something very wrong with Barack Obama bubbling just under the surface and it gives one the impression that he doesn’t have what it takes to bridge any racial gaps. Perpetuating hatred for white people is not bridging a racial gap. By bundling all white people into a “typical” statement like that, he fails to show any sensitivity to white people. What else is bubbling there? I will not vote for this racist – but I said that already. This just gives me another reason not to vote for him. We can only hope that every other “typical white person” will not vote for this person.

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