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Barack Obama Thinks there are 57 States

And you want this man for president? He says they’ve campaigned in 57 states. Now it’s possible that he meant some of the states were visited twice, but he said what he said. Do we want a president who doesn’t know how many states there are? 57 states. Maybe he’s thinking about Kerry Heinz 57?

Funny how the press doesn’t pick up on that. But they sure pick up on Hillary’s RFK remark. Once again we see proof of the free ride that Barack Obama is getting from the media. If you Google “Obama 57 states” in the Google news, you see mostly foreign coverage of that blooper.

Even Obama later dismissed Hillary’s RFK remark as a tired mistake: “you get careless in terms of the statements that you make” says he. Could he have been covering his own mistakes like this one? A tired mistake to think there are 57 states.


Barack Obama Backpedals on Wright

Oh this is getting fun.   Let’s recap: First Barack Obama attends a hate church (aka Black Power church) that teaches hatred for whites and hatred for America. He does this for 20 some odd years with Jeremiah Wright at the pulpit.  Then the media digs that story out.  America points a middle finger at Brackie. Barack Obama gives speech on race where he says he doesn’t always agree with Wright in a lame attempt to soften the impact.  Then Wright appears on various media outlets spouting more hatred and again tries to add the hate under the “Black Church” cover.  Now Brackie tries to dump him completely.

Sorry Barack Obama.  No go.  One cannot reconcile the timing of this with respect to the 20 years you spent in his congregation and the ‘landmark’ speech you gave on race where you showed acceptance to him.  This is exactly the type of flip flopping you see with any old politician.  Maybe he should have just left well enough alone and ignored the media blitz by Wright and his hateful cronies.  There are many things Barack Obama should have just ignored  (including Hillary’s jib jabs) to show that he is above the pettiness as he said he was going to be.  Sorry Barack, you’re just another senator with the same old flip flopping “say what ever pleases” mentality of the rest.  Dismissed.

Taking Sharp Tone, Obama Breaks With Ex-Pastor

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Barack Obama lies about Ayers Relationship

Now the dust has settled a bit from that debate, let’s make sure those facts stay in the daylight.  When Barack Obama was confronted about his relationship with 60’s communist radical William Ayers, he tried to pretend they were just casual acquaintances.   According to Obama, Ayers is a “guy who lives in my neighborhood”.  Yeah, nice try Barack Obama.  According to this Associated Press article:

…..both men served together on the board of the Woods Fund, a Chicago-based charity that develops community groups to help the poor. Ayers joined the board in 1999 and is still on it. Obama left it in December 2002 after nine years.

That doesn’t sound like some he just knows from the ‘hood does it?

Someone asked me why I beat up on Obama so much.  Well it’s my blog and I don’t like him – that’s why.  And now it looks like Hillary is out of the picture. Unofficially, the delegate count is working against her.  She just isn’t getting the support from the Democrats she needed. They’re all too drunk on Obama’s Communist Kool Aid. In the meantime, we might be in the last days of the democratic food fight so we might as well enjoy it. 

Obama, Clinton and the Weather Underground

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Obama Not Treated Well by Media, Bammites Cry Foul

Boo Hoo! Well well how the tables have turned on communist Barack Obama and his commie supporters with last night’s debate.  And how the Democrats are digging themselves into a hole of fighting.  The Obama fans didn’t like the questions about why Barack Obama doesn’t wear a flag like most senators. And there was a question about Obama’s relationship with the Weather Underground.  The commies are really really unhappy about those questions.  Look commies. What’s right for the goose is right for the gander so to speak. Clinton and McCain have been duly bitchslapped by the media, now it Obama’s turn. 

I have just one question for you commies that support Barack Obama.  Why is not appropriate to ask him about the W.U. and his lack of a lapel flag?  This is someone who wants to take over the highest office in the land.  No stone should be unturned. Questions must be asked, get over it.

Gibson, Stephanopoulos criticized for debate moderation

Obama Clinton Debate

Barack Obama Elitist and Arrogant

You know, we already have one arrogant president — we don’t need another. Barack Obama keeps trying to deflect the damage from his “Small town white folks” insults. Clinton and McCain both bitch-slapped him and first he tried the old the ‘shame on her’ routine. Now the arrogant senator is calling their bitch-slap “political silly season”. He keeps digging himself in a deeper hole with this.

Not once has he actually apologized for offending anyone with his statements. He said “I didn’t say it as well as I should have”. But that is not the same as issuing an apology for an offensive comment. He would not even had tried that attempt at retraction if he hadn’t been caught red mouthed making the comment. So rather than do the right thing and specifically apologize for offending anyone, he just continues to attempt lame damage control techniques. We see through you Brackie!

Obama calls elitism attack political silly season

Barack Obama

Obama Insults White People Again, Gets Caught

Well once again, Barack Obama shows his disdain for white people with his remarks at a closed SF fundraiser.

You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them, and it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations. blah blah

This is not the first time he has marginalized white people in his speeches. The worst part of this is that it was spewed in front of a crowd of wealthy California communist liberals. It was an event that, like many of Barack Obama’s fundraisers, was closed to the media. Too bad it leaked. Or should I say, good thing it leaked! Now maybe more white people will rethink their voting preference. Barack Obama not only hates white people but he hates ‘White America’ and has showed this time and again. It will be amazing if he has any white vote left in Pennsylvania now. At least now we know why he closes those fundraisers to the media!

Oh and both Clinton and McCain called him on the carpet for this. First he tried to deflect it, but when he was busted, he tried to backpedal with the good old “I didn’t say it as well as I should have” excuse. Nice try Obama, but no go.

Clinton attacks Obama for remarks, he says he erred

Barack Speaking

Obama Fan Speak 101

John D. Rockefeller IV, who got busted saying bad things about McCain and then had to backpeddle has this to say about Obama:

Obama is simply unflappable. He takes questions carefully and makes you a believer

Translation: Obama takes all questions, carefully spins the answer into an ambiguous notion that you can derive any meaning from.

Now that is how to interpret Obama speeches! As for making me a believer: Oh no he doesn’t RockyFella.

West Virginia Senator Apologizes for Comments on McCain


Barack Obama goes Bowling; Who sees the Metaphor?

Barack Obama went bowling in Altoona, PA in hopes to show.. hmmm what? He bowled a 37 which is by all counts a horrible score. It means you can’t keep the ball near the center of the lane. 37 is the kind of score an 8 year old would get when bowling for the first time. That aside, he’s supposed to be a politician, not a bowler so one can easily forgive his lame score on the lanes.

The real metaphor here is white. Bowling is a predominantly white sport, especially in a place like Altoona. (Altoona has a 96% white population). Considering Obama’s major political blunder with Jeremiah Wright’s anti-white hate church, he really needs to reach out to white people now. But will they respond? Not this white person. And hopefully not the white people in PA. Barack Obama is going to have to score better than 37 to win the trust of white people now.

Spare us – Obama bowls a 37 in campaign stop

Barack Obama goes Bowling

Old Story, New Evidence: Obama can’t get things done

Here’s a story that surfaced about the one and only time Obama worked with McCain in the senate. A few years ago Obama approached McCain with the idea the 2 would work on ethics and lobbying reform. Initially McCain liked the idea, but the ‘project’ only lasted a week before falling apart. One week? I suppose this what we can expect from Obama as a president. Lots of grand ideas and talk but little or no action. The fact that Obama-Loonies seem to brush under the carpet is that Obama doesn’t have ANY significant accomplishments in the Senate. He has only been the senate a short while and for much of that time, he’s been busy campaigning for president. Ha!

Obama, McCain Forged Fleeting Alliance

McCain Feingold Obama

Barack Obama is Bisexual and Snorts Cocaine

Or so says Larry Sinclair, who makes that claim about Barack Obama. According to Mr. Sinclair, the two met in November of 1999 while Sinclair was a limo driver. This was when Obama was in the Illinois State Senate. Sinclair claims he administered oral sex to Barack Obama and the two of them did a line or two of coke.

But wait – that’s not all! Sinclair also points the finger of blame toward Obama for the murder of Donald Young who was a prominent member of Obama’s hate church. What is interesting about the latter part is that Donald Young was gay and Sinclair believed Young had a very close relationship with Barack Obama. You can read the rest of his story at his blog:

Official Obama Drug Scandal Weblog

These are exactly the kinds of skeletons I would expect to crawl out of Barack Obama’s closet. Unfortunately, the story just sits out there on its own – without any evidence or support to lend crediblity to it. Hard evidence for such a story – at least the sex and drug encounter part – would be difficult to come by since that encounter allegedly happened almost 10 years ago. The only thing that could give the story legs would be if other drug users from that period of time surfaced with similar encounter stories. And they would need to have no connection to Mr. Sinclair. The Donald Young part however, is recent.  Young was murdered in Decemeber of 2007. 

 But it is what it is; someone’s account of something and good for chuckle! Picturing Barack Obama in a limo receiving oral sex (from a male) and doing a snort is about the exact impression I have of him.

Obama and Drug Dealer