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Tax Rebates Dubya – One Trick Pony

Ok, here we go again, another year another recession. This one seems hazardous due to the subprime issue as added factor. So here comes George to the rescue again. I smell another Tax Rebate. You might say, hey Stuck N Middle, do you look a gift horse in the mouth?

There are bigger issues at stake here than a temporary check. At least this time, here are tax incentives for Small Businesses being discussed although there are no detail. Why do I smell a rebate? Because of this:

Bush also said the economic package must include “rapid income tax relief” for consumers to “lift our economy at a time when people otherwise might spend less.”

In other words, here’s some money, spend it. Gotta love it. The people that need it the most, will likely use it on their debt. At least the prudent people will. Those other people are the ones Georgie is hoping for. So since he added something about tax incentives for Small Businesses this time, I guess we can’t call him a one trick tax rebate pony anymore. So pony up to the pony everyone: get ready to spent that rebate!

Bush calls for quick, temporary tax relief to spur economy

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