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What’s Missing from Election 2008 – Executive Branch Experience!

If it seems like election 2008 is offering a poor set of choices, there’s a reason for that. It is! We have 3 senators and one House Rep (Yeah Ron Paul is still hanging around) – all NON executive branch positions. That means (unless someone kicks between now and November) there will be two executive branch candidates facing each other.

What is executive branch experience? Governor of a state, Vice President, various Presidential appointments (such as Secretary of State) are examples of executive branch positions. Senator and House Rep are not.

I wanted to go back and find the last time a presidential election was held that featured two non executive branch candidates. I had to go all the way back to 1852 (Franklin Pierce Def. Winfield Scott). Now that’s going back a ways! It’s probably not even relevant; the Whigs were still a party! So if you think 2008 offers us lousy choices, yer right! And this may be the reason.


Raising McCain

The Congressional Disadvantage may be moot if McCain wins the GOP nomination. Then it will probably be senator versus senator. That would be the first time that’s happened for at last 100 years according to my post referenced above. With the Democratic race reduced to two players effectively, the unlikely McCain would be at an advantage. But there’s a lot of ground between now and the RNC not the least of which is upcoming Super Tuesday. What will the election 2008 landscape look like after next Tuesday? I grow weary of 2nd guessing. Who’s your daddy?

McCain Bush

Barack Obama’s 2nd Fiddle?

Well the excitement of Iowa is over and Obama shows some resilience there. I wonder if John Edwards is going to be willing to play ‘2nd fiddle’ again and go with a Vice President ticket. Memory serves me right, he was runner up in Iowa to Kerry in 2004 and they ended up a team.

Obama and Hillary have had too much friction to team up. And aside from that, I doubt Hill wants to be Vice President – 2nd fiddler – at this point. People have also been tossing around Richardson as a possible VP. All in all, I think if Obama takes it all the way, Edwards might be a good teammate. The two seem to go well together, but then who knows. The Democratic side continues to be interesting.

Obama Edwards

Is Hillary the Best Shot?

Hillary, Obama, and Edwards are all senators. As mentioned in the The Congressional Disadvantage, senators don’t usually go on to become presidents. If we ignore Richardson, which the media seems to be doing, that might make Hillary the most electable candidate. In addition to being a two term senator, she’s a former two term first lady. As first lady, she did have access to a lot more of what it takes to run this country than she does having served as a senator. The other two senators can’t say that. This is definitely something she’s riding on, but will it carry her?

I don’t think the so called swing voters will vote for her – at least not those swing voters old enough to remember the Clinton administration and all its controversies. Talk about baggage! She carries the baggage reasonably well and doesn’t do much apologizing for past things (e.g. the Iraq vote which Obama continues to harp on). She doesn’t apologize for a reason; she doesn’t want to show weaknesses. Never let em see you sweat!

Hillary Stressed out

Obama Experience Versus Hype

The Clinton camp has made much of Barack Obama’s lack of experience in U.S. politics. Obama tries to deflect that by talking spin about ‘a fresh new vision for America’ and all that BS. It’s not surprising that the Obama campaign wants to play down the lack of experience – after all, there isn’t much there and they know it. That’s where the spin artist comes in with the counterbalance. And we have the other O (Oprah) now lending her ever fluctuating weight to the Obama campaign.

How much can Obama’s million dollar smile and billion dollar star power counterbalance the lack of experience? Just how important is experience in U.S. politics for a presidential candidate. VERY important and the voters know it. As noted in The Congressional Disadvantage, voters rely on experienced candidates to be presidents. That’s an historical fact.

So what do you have in place of experience? In Obama’s case: nice sounding spin. But voters should know by now that what the candidate says during the campaign may or may not be what will materialize if the candidate becomes president. Just look at George Bush in 2000. He campaigned for, among other things, smaller government and decreased government spending. Not only has neither one of those things materialized, but the opposite has occurred.

Now granted, it’s not fair to compare Obama to Bush, but you can look at any president in the last 50 years and see the same pattern. The same pattern of broken campaign promises. So in the absence of believable campaign rhetoric, we look to experience in choosing our presidents. Experience is the one thing there for everyone to see: supporters and critics. Spin it any way you want, but Obama has little of that.

Double Os

Mike Huckabee Sneaks into Spotlight

Once considered a darkhorse, it looks like old Minister Mike is becoming a contender on the GOP side. This is from his email:

I was notified that in the new daily tracking poll from Rasmussen Reports we have moved into first place in Iowa with 28%. Gov. Romney is in second place with 25% and Mayor Giuliani is in third place with 12%.

Don’t worry I get all their emails. Now these standings with ‘Judy’ Giuliani in 3rd look more the way it should be. Two governors at the top of the heap battling it out. Keep in mind that 4 of the last 5 presidents were governors before becoming presidents (GW Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter) and the 5th (GHW Bush) was VP. For all this hoopla about Hillary and Barack, the top of the GOP heap looks a lot stronger.

Oh and Mike Huck came out of that GOP debate relatively unscathed, belting out funnies while the other schoolboys flashed their fangs.

Huckabee shines in heated Republican debate

Mike Huckabee

Rudy Scrapes the Bottom and Comes up with?

The Giuliani campaign must be getting desperate. Rudy criticized the Romney camp for a bad decision made by a judge he appointed. Too bad Mitt Romney had already called this judge on her error and asked her to step down. Yawn Rudy. Is that the best you can do? Meanwhile Rudy toots his horn on fiscal results, but this article manages to root out the truth.

Budget watchdog groups in New York have said that seven of the 23 tax cuts Giuliani takes credit for were initiated by the state, and an eighth, the largest of the 23, was scheduled to expire anyway.

Why isn’t someone calling Rudy on his ‘Dress in Drag’ Habit?

Giuliani, Romney spar on N.H. trail over taxes, crime

Rockette Rudy

Hillary has a Secret

Barack Obama has relied very little on his own assets lately and leaned more heavily on the shortcomings or perceived shortcomings of Hillary Clinton.  And shame on Hillary Clinton for doing the “I’ve got a dirty secret on Barack Obama but I’m not going to share it” thing.  Why bother? Does she really think we’re going to buy that line about how not using the so called ‘dirty information’ she has makes her a better person? Because she won’t stoop that low? Bah! She stooped low just by releasing that statement so Hillary, leak the dirt already. 

Obama is not squeaky clean, but there hasn’t been much in the way of negative assets other than that Rezko land deal.  Initially that was going to be Obama’s Whitewater, but it never went anywhere – at least not with the press.  Obama wrote that off as an “oops” moment and the press bought that hook, line, and sinker.  Maybe Hillary has some more poop on that?  Go at you two, neither of you are going to be President.


Edwards – the Consummate Liberal

Yawn. That’s how I feel about the Democratic Party these days. John Edwards is simply not the media darling that Hillary and Barack are (imagine a woman or a black person as a president – raise em up!). He’s a white male liberal-has-been-wannabee. And he’s getting desperate with statements like this:

Edwards said if he becomes president, he will tell Congress, “if you don’t pass universal healthcare for America by July of this year, July of 2009, I will use every power I have to take your healthcare coverage away from you.”

Edwards’ rather vague plan for Universal Health Care can be found here. It looks like a other health care plans I’ve seen coming from liberal camps before, but it doesn’t talk much about how the plan will be funded. Indeed, the issue of universal healthcare is very complex and that’s why everyone’s avoiding it outright or else making vague statements about it.

Implementing such a thing will take years of finagling with insurance providers, pharmaceutical firms, and the like. To just say something like “we must have it by July 2009” is something that probably cannot be lived up to. And if by a long shot, he should win the presidency, such statements would only come back to bite him later. And considering he would only take office in 6 months prior to July 2009 makes it an even taller order. Whoever takes the White House will spend months or perhaps years cleaning up Bush’s messes! So who will have to time for a tall order like that? Be real.

And aside from that, his statement threatening members of congress doesn’t sound like someone who will be easy for congress to work with. That’s the problem with the current (p)Resident. Ann Coulter really really really hates Edwards and I used to think it was some sort of personal vendetta, but I’m beginning to see why. Say a prayer John, you’ll need help!

Edwards on the outside

John Edwards

Robertson’s Support of Giuliani

Pat Robertson’s recent declaration of support for Rudy Giuliani shows what we’ve known for quite some time. The so-called ‘evangelical Christians’ are not by any stretch of the imagination united. They are as divided as Christianity itself is. You have Robertson supporting Giuliani one hand. On the other hand, you have certain other forces in Christianity going out of their way to avoid supporting twice divorced, abortion waffling, Giuliani. For example, the Moral Majority is throwing its support to Mitt Romney in spite of the fact he’s a Mormon. I think this article says it best:

This election is forcing the evangelical community to decide whether it is more important to choose a candidate who shares their views or someone who can beat Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

Where is the evangelical support for Huckabee? The only black eye he has with them is his ‘moderate’ stance on immigration. He’s a Baptist minister, he’s soundly against abortion and gay marriage, yet the evangelicals ignore him. It’s the cash that counts but when it comes down to backing a candidate, the evangelical crowd shows its confused side. I just wonder if Pat Robertson knows about Rudy’s dressing in drag habit?

Now that’s an Odd Couple!

Robertson’s Support of Giuliani Underscores Evangelical Divide

Rudy and Pat

Rudy in Drag