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Hillary Cries Foul in Media Bias

Hillary Clinton cries: MEDIA BIAS in favor of Obama. How very true but how very late she is to bring this to the forefront! The damage from slanted media coverage in favor of Obama has already been done. People have already drank his pleasant sounding, but poisonous Koolaid. Largely due to the absence of criticism in the media against Obama, he is always managing to come up smelling like roses. And the New York Times is one of the biggest offenders. This article entitled McCain Criticizes Obama on Al Qaeda really ends up being the other way around: Obama criticizing McCain and getting the ‘last word’ in the article. This is what I am seeing so much of: the ‘last word trick’. Even when the article bears a criticism of Obama, he manages to get the last paragraph in a positive tone. Media bias indeed and shame on the MSM!

Clinton accuses media of pro-Obama bias at debate

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Associated Press Disses Romney

This article called ‘Key Tenets of Mormon Faith‘ appeared in yesterdays mainstream news roundup. My what timing. On the heels of Romney’s win in Michigan, we get this article which doesn’t mention Romney by name, but goes out of its way to point out the differences been Mormonism and Christianity. It should be called: Mormon Faith versus Christianity. By way of this well timed article, the Associated Press effectively stabs Mitt Romney in the back. Now that’s fair journalism! This article is just plain bad taste and journalistic manipulation. Its purpose it is clear: scare Christian voters away from Romney.

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