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Funky McCain Delegate Math

From the LA Times:

Romney won about 280 delegates who will now be urged to back McCain, who began the day with 843 delegates. Huckabee had 242 delegates and Texas Rep. Ron Paul had 14. The Romney delegates would be enough to put McCain past the 1,191 delegates needed for the GOP nomination. Romney urged his delegates to back McCain, though each delegate will make his or her own decision.

843 + 280 does not equal or exceed 1191. It comes close at 1123. Does someone need to work on their math or is there something I am not seeing here? Something is not being reported. They must be assuming he in the process of getting other non committed delegates.

Romney endorses McCain

McCain Math


McCain Rips off 2004 Bush Ad

Oh those original GOP guys. Here is McCain’s ‘Mittsurfing’ ad.

Funny, it looks very much like George Bush’s 2004 ad against Kerry.

Couldn’t McCain’s ad people at least come up with a different tune to play than Blue Danube? Double F minus – 1 for lack of originality and 1 for stealing from the President. It was a pretty funny and original ad (in 2004). Did McCain think no one would notice?

Romney Kisses Bush Arse

While most politicians (even on the GOP side) these days are distancing themselves from Bush, Romney suddenly starts kissing up to him. I wonder if that’s going to be the ‘ass kiss’ of death for Mitt? Romney has tried to bill himself as an agent of change and wanting to fix a “broken Washington” but Bush is a very LARGE part of that problem. Licking up to him is not looking very good and it particularly doesn’t look good when Bush is one of the least popular presidents EVER. It further looks bad when you are supposed to be talking change. Now that’s what I call talking out of both sides of the mouth! At least he can get the backing of the few Bush loyalists left.

Romney praises Bush

Romney Burgers

Associated Press Disses Romney

This article called ‘Key Tenets of Mormon Faith‘ appeared in yesterdays mainstream news roundup. My what timing. On the heels of Romney’s win in Michigan, we get this article which doesn’t mention Romney by name, but goes out of its way to point out the differences been Mormonism and Christianity. It should be called: Mormon Faith versus Christianity. By way of this well timed article, the Associated Press effectively stabs Mitt Romney in the back. Now that’s fair journalism! This article is just plain bad taste and journalistic manipulation. Its purpose it is clear: scare Christian voters away from Romney.

Mitt Romney

Rudy Scrapes the Bottom and Comes up with?

The Giuliani campaign must be getting desperate. Rudy criticized the Romney camp for a bad decision made by a judge he appointed. Too bad Mitt Romney had already called this judge on her error and asked her to step down. Yawn Rudy. Is that the best you can do? Meanwhile Rudy toots his horn on fiscal results, but this article manages to root out the truth.

Budget watchdog groups in New York have said that seven of the 23 tax cuts Giuliani takes credit for were initiated by the state, and an eighth, the largest of the 23, was scheduled to expire anyway.

Why isn’t someone calling Rudy on his ‘Dress in Drag’ Habit?

Giuliani, Romney spar on N.H. trail over taxes, crime

Rockette Rudy