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What’s Missing from Election 2008 – Executive Branch Experience!

If it seems like election 2008 is offering a poor set of choices, there’s a reason for that. It is! We have 3 senators and one House Rep (Yeah Ron Paul is still hanging around) – all NON executive branch positions. That means (unless someone kicks between now and November) there will be two executive branch candidates facing each other.

What is executive branch experience? Governor of a state, Vice President, various Presidential appointments (such as Secretary of State) are examples of executive branch positions. Senator and House Rep are not.

I wanted to go back and find the last time a presidential election was held that featured two non executive branch candidates. I had to go all the way back to 1852 (Franklin Pierce Def. Winfield Scott). Now that’s going back a ways! It’s probably not even relevant; the Whigs were still a party! So if you think 2008 offers us lousy choices, yer right! And this may be the reason.


Hillary Clinton the Shady Lady

The Obama Camp is leaning on Hillary Clinton to authorize the release of the HillDocs (thousands of pages of documents Bill Clinton’s presidential library that bear on her activities as First Lady). From two of Obama’s supporters:

“Throughout this campaign, you have repeatedly emphasized your experience as First Lady,” wrote Tom Miller, the Iowa attorney general, and Lu Barron, a Linn County supervisor. “However, by refusing to authorize an expedited release of the records from your time in Washington, you are preventing the Iowa voters from thoroughly reviewing that experience.”

The New York Times posted this as Hillary’s response:

Mrs. Clinton, in an interview with Radio Iowa on Saturday, said she did not know what the papers would reveal, but she supported releasing them as quickly as possible. “I think it’s like people think we have boxes of records in our basement and why don’t I just go and get them and hand them over,” she said. “And you know my husband has never blocked a record ever. He has been the most forthcoming of all presidents.”

I wonder what the Obama camp is looking to find? Some long forgotten dirt maybe on Whitewater? Or maybe dredging up some juice about the suicide of Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton’s Cattle Futures Controversy? Or revisiting some old dirt like TravelGate or FileGate? Hillary Clinton has so many skeletons in her closet, that perhaps she’s lost track of them. Certaintly there is gold dirt in them thar papers somewhere. Even if these documents aren’t released, who will vote for someone with all this baggage?

Obama Criticizes Clinton’s Drive to Win

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